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Discussion in 'TiVo Premiere DVRs' started by rahnbo, Aug 6, 2011.

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    I haven't seen this one before posted here or on either Premiere I own. What happened is I watched an hour long recording then deleted it. I went off to do something else for about 1/2 hour so it went to live TV as expected. I sat down to watch COPS (fully recorded, not in process of recording anything) and it started playing. about 5 minutes in the image froze but when I hit play the tick kept moving like it was playing back. I tried to RR and FF but it stayed on the same frozen image. I tried to watch live TV and got a message that "no valid channels could be found." The TA wasn't blinking or anything and the other Premiere was A-OK. So on the one with the issue I tried viewing any other recordings and they were all blank/black screen. The tick again moved like it was playing back but no video or audio. It was on the HDUI so I switched the SDUI and had the same problem. The network was OK. I was able to see my PC, play music, and see the other Premiere and in the HDUI ads were being served up. Tried reseating the HDMI cable then I let it sit for an hour to see if it would clear itself up but it did not so I rebooted. For now everything looks back to normal but that was a little worrisome. Any ideas what happened or even worse what might happen in the future such as HD failure?

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