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    Interesting... I didn't realize that Verizon's FiOS DVRs seem to have in-house developed software, or at least, they're taking credit for it.
    Verizon FiOS TV Is Innovation Pioneer With Advanced Television Operating System
    Verizon Unveils the Next Generation of FiOS TV With Enhanced Interactivity and Personalization: Company Uses Customer Input to Create More Than 25 Innovative Upgrades to Its Powerful FiOS TV Interactive Media Guide

    I had no idea and wasn't terribly impressed when I rented their DVR for a week or so after my TiVo HD's internal drive when belly up/got corrupted. This is yet another one of the random pieces of DVR software floating around. No wonder it didn't look like anything else I had seen screenshots of.

    This all is moot for me as I have no intention of renting it again and I'm moving back to CA in a month and thus will no longer be in a FiOS area.
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    Yeah, just watched the video of this and the new XFinity box.

    As much as I love TiVo and think it's a way better experience than the existing Comcast and FIOS boxes, what I see of these new boxes makes me think that TiVo's next major software update (15.x series) better really go leaps and bounds above the competition.

    Even small stupid stuff like channel logos in the guide go a long way towards making a nicer looking UI.

    Here we thought all the cable companies were sleeping, which allowed TiVo some leg room. Well, it looks like they mau have woken up.
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    FiOS TV originally launched using Microsoft Mediaroom but then Verizon took the platform in-house. However, some of the lower level software is provided by the Motorola boxes they run on which is why Moto's been dragged into their defense against TiVo's infringement suit.

    IMG 1.9 very nice, and I can't wait for them to finish the roll out. But the most interesting thing about IMG is that they've got their TV experience running on several dozen CE devices like Blu-ray players, TVs, and the PS3. Who knows if/when it'll make it out of the labs, and what feature set we'll see - some may be live tv, extender, or VOD. Not sure if full-on DVR would be made available.
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    The one big thing I will give Verizon credit for is they seem much more open to communication. Not only do they supply some form of patch notes, they actually have a pretty good system for providing suggestions that the company interacts with and responds to.

    Of course with TiVo you have the suggestion forums on here or their suggestion survey, but I don't think they even use that anymore. If you follow the link you will notice many of the "popular" requests are features of the Premiere. It think it also took them several months to even add the Premiere as an option for what hardware you are using.
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    Not unless you were in an area that was destined to be switched to Frontier and a month before the switch, we suddenly discover that copy protection was turned on across most channels except those available over OTA. :( This only happened after we had what we thought was an outage (that took me hours over the phone to get resolved).

    That was a mess and most of us didn't even get a response as to why the CP, why it was only applied to some channels, etc. Those that got a response got something along the lines of "we're doing it because we can".

    We tried to engage w/their Twitter guy and he was clueless.

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