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    Jun 24, 2019


    Hi all,

    Selling off some surplus equipment. All in working condition, good physical shape.

    1x S6 Vox Remote - 30
    1x S6-BL Lux Remote - 35
    1x Actiontec WCB3000n (MoCA to Ethernet, two ports, no passthru, config file modded to disable wireless repeater, with power adapter) - 20
    1x Slingbox 350 (with power cable, component cables + composite audio-only) - 45, or 55 with the Mini Analog Kit cables below
    1x Mini Analog Kit (component/composite breakout set) - 20
    1x Mini A93 Locked to TE4, with lifetime service - with a S6 Vox remote and dongle - 80

    USPS Priority Shipping included. 1-4 day service, depending on the distance from Chicago and your nearest major metro area.

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