V52, pixelation, and testing signal strength (Comcast)

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    Roamio Pro with a Mini using Moca and Comcast. (Skip to the last sentence to see my question)

    Recently, I've been experiencing picture pixelation followed by a V52 Error. It happens on multiple channels. I call Comcast and request a reset of their signal. It's always in the evening between say 7:15 to 8:00 o'clock and it's probably every night that we are sitting down to watch TV. I always call Comcast so that they have a record of my problem.

    Going back a few months ago I had a Comcast issue (another issue) and a tech was sent out. The tech fixed the issue and told me my signal strength was low. So he performed several things inside and outside the house including climbing the pole.

    Everything was fine. But now it's prime TV season with college football and my Braves leading the NL East.

    Can I test my signal strength and if so what should be a proper reading? What else can I do before requesting a Comcast tech to visit? Thanks
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    The WV...
    I had a very similar situation a few years ago. A Comcast tech visit who did some exterior termination changes and it was thought to be repaired. A few weeks later 'same time of day' & 'same channels' it came back. A different tech dispatched and he told me right off - as soon as I met him in the driveway, I've had similar in the same community and the problem isn't you. He said 'I can't FIX IT'! He mentioned he had reported it to distribution but they had paid little attention to his comments. I monitored CableCard diagnostics and exchanged emails with the distribution plant manager for a while. They found the problem a few spans away from me. I had the pixelation but I don't recall ever getting the error. It was several days before it was fixed once and for all.

    Best I Recall I used DVR Diagnostics made sure I had all 6 tuners set to a different channel including the 1 (most concerned) and monitored SNR, RS Corrected, RS Uncorrected and maybe something else. The Plant Manager actually told me it helped. What ever the issue was DVR diagnostics always displayed the same error(s). I don't recall. Mine was maybe just a couple channels. Once you're in DVR diagnostics I'd think you'll see things that vary.

    I'm quite sure mine was in '13 so 6 years ago the 'old mind' doesn't work as well as it once did.

    I'm glad I saw your post because I've had a similar issue recently but at very unusual hours - I've blamed it on the Network rather than Xfinity.

    Good luck!
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