V117 error Bolt to Roamio

Discussion in 'TiVo Help Center' started by Neil Cook, Aug 7, 2019.

  1. Neil Cook

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    Jul 20, 2019
    I've been getting a V117 error when I try to access recording on my Roamio from my Bolt. I haven't used this feature until July 2019, then my Bolt Vox "fried" all lights flashing and the the box went dead. Received a replacement Bolt Vox that wouldn't play live TV (cable), therefore couldn't record anything. The Roamio worked fine - live TV, recording all perfect. So I attempted to access the Roamio from the Bolt Vox until the Bolt Vox live TV error was resolved. My cable provider Spectrum was extremely helpful - 4 tuning adapters and 4 cable card and 4 home visits by a tech and his manager. The problem wasn't the cable company, which I knew because the Roamio had live TV and all the turning adapters and cable cards tested fine. TiVo sent a second replacement Bolt Vox and live TV was working. But I still was getting a V117 when I attempted to access the Roamio. TiVo's explanation was that they were aware of the problem and were working on it. It's been a month and no resolution to the V117. Others seem to have been getting this error using a TiVo Mini. Is it the same issue? BTW, TiVo charged me an "exchange" fee for replacing the original Bolt Vox that "fried". Claiming the my Lifetime Maintenance contract had this "hidden" fee. When the Bolt Vox they sent didn't play live TV they sent another. Because I wanted the third Bolt Vox before I returned the first replacement Bolt Vox, they required a deposit $630, which I was to be refunded when they received the second Bolt Vox. When I returned the second Bolt Vox the charged me $86 for shipping and tax for returning the second defective Bolt Vox. I was originally told that return shipping was free, TiVo e-mailed me two Return Merchandise FedEx labels. I escalated the problems to Executive Relations (after asking for the Chief Operating Officer). Ane said she'd look into the V117 error and then look into the refund and charges. She claimed the "exchange" fee was actually a shipping fee and tax for the first Bolt Vox replacement that was defective, and the second charge for $86.02 was also for shipping and taxes. I've never had FedEx charge a separate tax fee, and the shipping and taxes were different for the two Bolt Vox's. I have no idea why there was an exchange fee or shipping fee for the first Bolt Vox that "fried" when I have a Lifetime Maintenance contract. Nor do I understand why there was a larger shipping fee for returning the defective Bolt Vox that was sent first. This whole process has taken over a month to resolve (haven't yet received the promised credit for the second "shipping fee". I don't expect a refund for the first "exchange" or "shipping fee". And, I'm doubtful the V117 error will be resolved anytime soon. It seems that there are a lot of problems with their Financial department, first level support, second level support and Executive Relations. I'm very disappointed and frustrated.

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