Using Your TiVo DVR as a Video Jukebox

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    Well, I was experimenting and tried some encoding options in DVDFab. I selected no deinterlace and 2 pass encoding. The file created plays fine on the Tivo. Fast forward, rewind, etc. work well now. And the file size is a reasonable 500 MB instead of the 2 GB for the MPEG-2 file. I did not experiment to determine which of the options made the difference because I don't really care how long the encoding takes, so I'll just stick with these settings.
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    Since this is a sticky and not likely to be updated considering the last activity of the OP I want to say to anyone using this guide to install pyTivo....please don't. Some of the information is out of date and using the information provided in this thread will only serve to confuse you later on when you need to update pyTivo. The version mentioned is years out of date, no longer updated or supported and does not work well with newer TiVo's out of the box.

    Please use the official pyTivo wiki instead:

    This will always lead you to the most up to date information on getting pyTivo installed and running correctly.
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    Thanks op

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