Using DirecTivo over Vonage (VoIP) - a solution

Discussion in 'DirecTV TiVo Powered PVRs & Receivers' started by RedGrey, Oct 2, 2003.

  1. inkymycat

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    May 31, 2008



    I have been doing massive research with not much luck. I currently have a AT&T lan Line as well as AT&T DSL. I am happy with the service but tired of AT&T and the long wait times when I do have problems. Seems line every 6 months or less they are going up. I hardly use my lan line to make calls. If I need to make calls I have a Magic Jack or my parents Vonage.

    My plans are to get rid of my AT&T phone line and DSL Service. I will be going back to Comcast for a while. At least Comcast doesn't have long hold times where I'm at like AT&T does. OKay my parents Vonage is currently on my DSL Inernet (I get comcast 8meg connect next week). I would like to use my parents Vonage to make my daily calls for my Directv R10 Series 2 receiver.

    Directv tells me that I need to have my phone line to download my programming updates. Tivo tells me that directv can send all my updates though my dish. Directv says they can't do this. I do not buy Pay PerView movies via Directv or have any sports channels I subscribe to. So is directv giving me a line of bull when they tell me I need to have a lan line hooked up to my tivo unit. My software on my tivo is 6.4a-0-2-521.

    I have read the original post but seeing as this is 2009 is it any different now. I want to work with what I have and don't want to update my Directv tivo unit.

    Thanks for all your help. :eek:
  2. PHijduk

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    Oct 27, 2003
    Union, KY
    Without your phone you will get your program guide information via the satellite.

    Without your phone line you will get notices that your receiver has not called biggie!

    Without your phone line you cannot order PayPerView via the will need to call in.
  3. inkymycat

    inkymycat New Member

    May 31, 2008
    I wonder why Directv cant tell you this. I dont care about PPV nor do I use it. I did find some information on about series 2 receivers not needing to be plugged into a phone line. I will find out tomorrow after noon if everything works.

    Thanks again for the fast response.:up:
  4. goo_nadd

    goo_nadd New Member

    Sep 25, 2009
    I have a HR10-250
    I had to install a new internal HD.
    How can I make my initial call to Direct TV via Vonage?

    I can use the DVR feature until I make the initial call.

    Thanks in advance
  5. rbtravis

    rbtravis New Member

    Aug 9, 2005
    Parker, Co....


    Only if you wrote down the phone numbers before you changed the drive, alongwith the rest of the phone settings. :)
  6. pixelpusher220

    pixelpusher220 New Member

    Jul 22, 2009
    This thread finally got my situation fixed.

    Series 1 Philips DirecTivo DSR6000 (I think)
    Vonage old adapter, no lcd just a led light for connection.

    Everything was working just fine until around a month ago (August 2009). Then it stopped connecting.
    Old settings were:
    Local: 7039950509 (this still is a modem on the other end)
    prefix: *99,#034,1

    I've changed to:
    local: 2122717103
    prefix: ,#034,,12122773895

    The catch was that in trying to test these settings, it was failing during the hangup process when 'preparing data'; rather frustrating since it obviously connected successfully and completed whatever the test call does. Since with the above settings were dialing, but my original dial in local number was still 703 area code I tried changing my dial in number to a 212 number. After doing that, then the test call went through without a hitch.

    My first daily call after making above changes succeeded. wheee
  7. goo_nadd

    goo_nadd New Member

    Sep 25, 2009
    I have the old phone number but there's no way to enter it.
    The setup only ask for the the area code. It trys to call in for the list of local numbers.

    I wasn't getting consistent dial up before the change. The Vonage just doesn't work.

    Can I take the Tivo to a friends house and make the initial call?

    I'll have no dish connection. Just a working phone line with video out.
    What a pain.
  8. stevel

    stevel Dumb Blond TCF Club

    Aug 23, 2000
    Nashua, NH
    Yes, you can take the TiVo to a friend's house. But pay closer attention to what pixelpusher posted. They used the "prefix" to enter the number to dial. Done this way, the number the TiVo thinks it is calling is ignored.
  9. rbtravis

    rbtravis New Member

    Aug 9, 2005
    Parker, Co....
    You don't go into Setup, but to ->messages and settings>settings>change phone settings> dial-in number. Then insert your saved phone number. :)
  10. goo_nadd

    goo_nadd New Member

    Sep 25, 2009
    Looks like the >change phone settings> are not avalible until the first test call is complete.

    I tried all the prefix's with no luck.

    I really appreciate the replys.
  11. Cygnet Boy

    Cygnet Boy Systems Analyst

    Mar 21, 2003
    HOTlanta, GA

    Thanks so much, XMan__007...

    My adapter also feeds the whole house through it's POTS wiring system, which I agree isn't the best cabling. However, distance does not seem to be an issue for me, since my condo only has ONE outlet. I have actively 4 devices, 1 Tivo, 2x HR23/700, and 1 5.8GHz 4 handset phones that are all wired on a 150' length of phone cable (which runs all the way up to my wireless phone system on the second floor. The Vonage device is not directly connected to my WiMax or my WiFi Router, it's actually connected to a Cisco switch on the first floor, so there's another 100' run of Cat6e Cabling coming back down. I haven't noticed any issues with the length of either wires, even when I'm downloading a movie from On-Demand, using any of 6 PC's or the constantly running server, the phone sounds just great, and it even allows data calls. :eek:

    But, after many attempts, I was able to make it work for me!!! :) :up: Anyone in Atlanta, GA might want to try this, as I was amazed after trying since I got the device to get it to work. Thanks for the template.

    Here's how I did it, and which services I use:

    My Internet Service is Clear WiMax, which gives me about 9 MBps D/L and 1.5 MBps U/L, I live less than a mile away from the WiMax tower. Clear offers it's own Phone Service (uses Linksys VOIP Router for $15.00 @ BBuy), it's $20 per month, but I prefer Vonage (60 Countries FREE!), Router was FREE (called the 800 #) and far more control over VOIP.

    1. Call VONAGE (800-VONAGE HELP) and tell them that you are going to use a fax machine on your primary line, and that your fax machine when sending keeps failing half way through often, and they can set your vonage box to accommodate you. I told them that I found a link on This is VERY IMPORTANT (it didn't work before doing this).

    I feel that I should say that I did try to get a connection to the NYC (Manhattan North) numbers (212-920-3005, 212-277-3895 and 212-271-7103) but they did not work at all with the settings below. The TiVo displayed an error 07 after I attempted each call). I still have my landline (until the 19th of Jan) and was able to force a call to the 800 number for local 212 access numbers, to no avail. I switched back to the 678 Area Code, which, like all of Atlanta is local. At the next attempt, it connected, then I did a daily call. Both worked flawlessly. I have done 10 daily calls and each time the call went through.

    Also, if anyone can help, I tried to include the CW (*70) in both prefix strings, but the call just would not go through (unable to connect error), but when I removed it, it worked perfectly. It usually updates between 3 and 5 am, so it'd be pretty rare that the D*Tivo would interrupt a call. However, I would sure appreciate any suggestions to get past that particular problem.

    My setup is as follows:

    Tivo with VoIP Service
    System Equipment:
    Clear WiMax Broadband Service [URL=""][/URL]
    Motorola CPEi 150 WiMax Gateway (9M d/l, 1.5M u/l)
    Linksys (Cisco) WRT54G-TM Router w/ DDWRT Firmware v24-SP2 (7/21/09) mega
    Vonage V-Portal 1-Port Router
    --------------           Series2         
    Manufacture              Philips            
    IRD Model                DSR708/17        
    Software Version         6.4a-01-2-101
    Media:                   ATA-133 750GB HDD (700+ Hrs. SD)
    Dial-In Number           [(678) 951-0203]  
    Dial Prefix              [,#019]       
    Call Waiting Prefix      [*99,]
    Tone/Pulse Dialing       [Tone]
    Availability Detection   [Off]
    Dial Tone Detection      [Off]
  12. Reinere

    Reinere New Member

    May 18, 2010
    I have a DIRECTV DVR R10 receiver and have been trying to connect and upgrade this receiver for the past 3 days but was unsuccessful. I have PhonePower's VOIP as my phone service. I tried every possible combination of dialing setup codes but they all failed, until I tried Cygnet Boy setup below. I left my dial-in number as is and I used the area code: (678). It worked instantly and flawlessly. Thank you Cygnet Boy.

    PS: My receiver wasn't giving me the option to change my dial in number but it gave me the option to change the area code. I'm in NY, so I changed the area code from 212 to 678 and it worked.


    Dial Prefix: ,#019
    Call Waiting Prefix: *99,
    Tone/Pulse Dialing: Tone
    Availability Detection: Off
    Dial Tone Detection: Off
  13. Jun 4, 2013 #633 of 634

    D'Ecosse New Member

    May 24, 2006
    HDVR2 - Vonage

    Have tried pretty much all the identified prefixes and 'working' numbers (like the 212's & even some others listed in this thread) yet unable to get a successful negotiation with any combination. Have also ensured the adapter setting is max bandwidth & disabled call waiting in my account settings and using a DSL Filter at the DVR phone input jack.

    I took it down to my wife's office the other day and it works fine on land line, just not on the VOIP.

    Anyone with recent success in using built-in modem on HDVR2 without reverting to external?

    I don't care about daily call-in - just want to get the software updated to 6.4 so I can get my local channels restored.
  14. Jun 4, 2013 #634 of 634

    D'Ecosse New Member

    May 24, 2006
    Decided to try PPP to attempt to get around the HDVR2 to Vonage modem connection issue - had the hardware bits on-hand to make the stereo to DB9 Null Serial cable
    (However no serial port on laptop - attempting to use USB Serial adapter)

    I followed this pretty much religiously - have double/triple checked every step;
    the only difference is I am using a USB-Serial adapter for the Laptop - is that where the problem is?
    There is no indication on the new connection that a client is connected when I command the Tivo to dial out ....

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