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    I've visited tivo's page on tested/approved adapters. While at CES decided to drop by a Compusa to pick one up. Not having my print out with me, I wound up with the Linksys 200M, but version 2. (Couldn't remember if it was supposed to have the orance CD on the box or not :( ) So, question 1, any chance the site is out of date and the recent tivo update 7.2(?) will work with ver.2 200M? (My guess is no) So #2, when I take it back do I try for a refund and order from Tivo for a compatabile model, or exchange for a Linksys 100Tx even tho it's USB 1.1 or I saw a CompUsa Brand, anyone know if it will work, or if it's even Usb2? I didn't see it on the compusa site, and not even sure my store in OKC will have the same selection. Hoping they might have an old ver 1 200M and not have to worry about it, but not holding my breath.

    Found Compusa link:

    I have the DVDr ver of Tivo, so not sure I'll use Tivo to go, just want to use boadband guide, and Tivo's new "toys" :)

    Suggestions, solutions?
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    No chance with 7.2.1 or less.

    Next update, probably spring, is supposedly supposed to have a driver for the 200M V2 adapter.

    I can't say exactly if it will work. The TiVo supports the Pegasus chipset, and the chip in that is apparently a variation of it. It will be 1.1 though.

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