Urgent for OTA users: FCC repack phase 9 on 4/29

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    Heads up for all users of OTA reception! The 9th phase of the TV frequency repack is set to go into effect at around 1PM local time this coming Wednsday April 29th, for some locations even more stations will be affected than the recent 3/13 phase 8 update.

    Here in my particular spot in the SF East Bay region, receiving just from Sutro and Bruno, there are 6 primary host station changes affecting 9 local callsigns (three of which are major nets: ABC,NBC,CW) which including their sub-channels expands out to 30 channels in the guide that will need to be fixed!

    Beware TVFool's database which unfortunately has not been updated since 2018, and is so obsolete that the current and post-repack results are about worthless. A good working equivalent I've seen thus far is Rabbitears.info
    For those specifically in the greater SF Bay Area and as far East as Sacramento, Larry Kenny has been maintaining a quite detailed list of channels and repack info here:

    DTV Channels - San Francisco Bay Area

    It took almost a week for Tivo to update the channel lists/guide for major channels here in March, and weeks more before the rest came up properly. With this being a known event for the entire US, one would hope Tivo would have pre-planned these guide fixes... and maybe they are, this time, but everyone should probably plan on a channel re-scan & channel list tweaking and at least several days of manual recordings and correcting conflicts starting Wednsday afternoon.

    { And as Tivo's Lineup Report form only supports 3 entries at a time.... this is going to require malt liquor... wheee! }
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    Also be aware that because of the current pandemic stations that were supposed to be move in Phase 9 may now defer to Phase 10...we have a couple of locals that are doing so...so plan on a July rescan as well.
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