Upgrading to Roamio Plus w/ Mini - What to do with other units?

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    I took advantage of the Roamio Plus w/ Lifetime deal and so now have the following to get rid of:

    -- Tivo HD w/ Lifetime.
    -- Tivo Premiere w/ Tivo Stream.

    What's the best place to sell the Tivo HD w/ Lifetime? I do not have the original boxes and/or manuals, will that affect the resale value? What is the resale value of one of these?

    Is there a market for the Tivo Premiere w/ Tivo Stream? Or is it so little that I should just keep them around in case my Roamio goes bust?
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    Jan 12, 2014
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    If you want a sense of how much used TiVos go for, you should search around on ebay. I think TiVo HDs with lifetime generally go for around $150-$250. Ebay, Craigslist, and the Amazon Marketplace are the most common places that used TiVos are sold. You can also check out the Buyer/Seller Area on this forum:


    When you call to disconnect service for the Premiere, see if TiVo will give you the $99 lifetime deal on it. If they do offer it to you, take it. The resale value of the Premiere will be much better with lifetime.

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