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    I just ordered a Premiere Elite and plan to use it to upgrade an HD XL in my home theater room. I then plan to use that HD XL to upgrade a Tivo HD in my family room, and then give that Tivo HD to my sister-in-law. The trick is that I would like to move all of my Season Passes and recorded shows from my HD XL to the Elite (including the metadata), and then from the HD to the HD XL. And I would like to preserve my ability to have these shows in the appropriate folder (the last time I did this I lost the folders). I have seen references to using the season pass manager on tivo.com, using Tivo's ability to transfer recordings from one Tivo to another, using Tivo Desktop, using pyTivo, using kmttg, using Galleon, etc.

    What do folks recommend?
  2. aaronwt

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    I transferred 30 Season Passes to my Elite using the online SP manager. I also transferred shows from the premieres to the Elite. All the transferred shows as well as new recordings on the Elite went into proper folders.
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    You can use the online season pass manager tool to move the season passes.

    Instead of trying to transfer all of that content. I would hook the Elite up and your TiVo HD XL to the same tv. Then when you are done watching all the content on the TiVo HD XL, then move it to it's final location. Sure you can back up all that content, but you are going to go through a lot of trouble if you have a lot of recordings otherwise. It may take a month or two before you are ready to give the HD away, but then you wouldn't have spent hours and hours transferring content.

    Note: If you are trying to transfer content recorded on non-locals, it may be copy protected anyway so TivoToGo and transferring recordings would be disabled.

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