Upgraded to 20.2 - random manual recordings?

Discussion in 'TiVo Premiere DVRs' started by bremmma, Jan 27, 2012.

  1. bremmma

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    Sep 20, 2004
    I got the 20.2 upgrade earlier this week. I noticed that TiVo is recording random 2 hour chunks of Big Ten Network HD (that I never set up). In my To Do list, there are at least 8-10 two hour blocks all set to "manually" record, at different times and on different days (doesn't appear to be a pattern). They all have the double-check mark next to them, as if I set up a season pass. But I never set up a season pass for these. Additionally, in my season pass menu, there are no manual recordings set at all - so I have nothing to delete in order to stop these "phantom" recordings. Anyone have any ideas?

    Side note: I had one recurring manual recording set before the upgrade, which seems to have disappeared. Not sure if these two issues are related.

    Any help is appreciated...

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