Upgrade attempt may have ruined upgrade hard drive

Discussion in 'TiVo Upgrade Center' started by jcgrim, May 7, 2007.

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    I have been reading a lot on how to upgrade and decided to finally take the plunge and upgrade my Series 2 40 hour Tivo. Here are the steps I took and the errors I ran across:

    1. Followed the instructions using the weakness CD.
    2. Connected only the CD Drive, the Tivo Drive and a 120 GB drive that I took out of a previous computer.
    - The 120 GB drive was used in a previous computer and was working fine. Before attempting the upgrade I had this drive connected as a data only drive in another computer. It was working before attempting the upgrade.
    3. Booted from the CD and followed all the commands to enter to copy the image and the shows I had on the drive.
    4. The upgrade seemed to be working fine it made it to 54%, then all of a sudden it began I/O Error: Sector XXXXX, where XXXX was a number. It looked like it was continuing to make progress with the error only coming every other sector.
    5. Finally I stopped it as it did not seem to be working after about 67% complete.

    Here's where the issue is.
    I can now no longer access the 120GB hard drive. I tried redoing the commands to copy the image, this time trying it without copying the shows over. Now it will not recognize the 120GB drive. So I thought maybe I needed to try to reformat it in windows, put it in my windows machine and windows will not recognize it either.
    So I was afraid I may have ruined the Tivo drive, I reinstalled the Tivo drive in the Tivo and everything was working fine.
    Now I am stuck with my other 120GB drive with what seems to be no way to access it. Does anyone have any ideas on steps I can take to see if this drive is toast? Thought maybe dd_rescue, or something similar?

    Thanks in advance for any help!!!
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    Go to the drive's manufacturer's website, and download the diagnostic for the drive there.

    The actual copy is unlikely to have damaged the drive. Sometimes drives will be fine if they're left alone, but if they're subject to movements or frequent on/off cycles, old drives may fail. There's not much you can do about this.

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