Upgrade and keep recordings?

Discussion in 'TiVo Premiere DVRs' started by Mastiff, Nov 20, 2011.

  1. Mastiff

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    Sep 25, 2006


    I'm sure this has been covered, but I can figure out what to search on. If I upgrade from a Tivo HD to a premier, is there an easy way to keep my recordings?
  2. steve614

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    May 1, 2006
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    The only way to save your recordings for this type of upgrade is to transfer them to a computer using Tivo Desktop or an equivalent 3rd party application.
    Of course if the recordings are marked as copy protected, you're out of luck.
  3. lessd

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    Jan 23, 2005
    When I did that upgrade I set up the TP in the cellar on the network and xfered all the programs from the TiVo HD to the TP, took a few days but so what, as I did not have to be at the TiVo, then I sold the TiVo HD units. The TiVo web sight let you xfer the season passes.
  4. jbell73

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    Oct 31, 2006
    Exactly. If you can try and set them up side-by-side. Then manually transfer any shows you want using a LAN connection. As mentioned Season Passes can be done via the Web (wait a week, and make sure they are both recording the same content or have the same to do list).

    Then just shutdown/cancel the old TiVo. I did this for my Tivo P -> Elite and it took about 12 hours to copy my content (Premier X-Fers are much faster).
  5. mattack

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    Apr 9, 2001


    The big problem with that is that you lose the metadata.. (at least this is true for me when xferring between S3 & TivoHD.. I have no info that this has been improved)..

    e.g. you lose OAD, episode #, etc. Whereas if you download to a computer, you DO get all of this info. so it's lame that you don't get this when xferring between tivos. (Also, if you try to "save to VCR" a xferred show, virtually always it shows up as 8 minutes long, even though the whole show is there)
  6. unitron

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    Apr 28, 2006
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    To keep almost all of the meta-data, use TiVo Desktop to copy from source TiVo, then copy from computer to target TiVo at your leisure.

    Of course if the anti-copy bit was set, you're out of luck either way.

    2 hours of best quality SD will take up a little more than 4GB on the computer (so use an NTFS partition instead of FAT32, or you'll have a lot of 1:55 shows instead of 2:00 shows).

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