Update/test dormant TiVo’s?

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    I have a beach property that was seriously damaged by hurricane Florence. I had 4 pls TiVo’s in the unit, 2 Premiers that I was using and 1 Premier and 1 HD for back ups. I just went down and brought all 4 boxes home-they have not been connected/used for almost a year. I am not interesting in using them at my home as I have other TiVo boxes here. My question is, can I plug them in and connect them to Ethernet/tv to update the boxes and get some idea if they are working? Not expecting /wanting to actually see tv as beach was different cable provider (m cards, tuning adapters, etc) than home. Just wondering if I will be able to update and get some idea if they might work or not. Thanks for any info.
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    The local parameters, like the guide and channel list, are done after all upgrades are finished. So you can, at least with the Premiere, you can complete a Guided Setup. Just select "install later" for the cable card.

    If you plug them in and nothing happens, they are probably dead. ;)

    BTW, there have been no updates since Florence, so that's not a problem.
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    You can plug the TiVo in, connect to the TV (to check for functionality) and connect your network cable. You do not need to plug in the cable connection (as that will not be with you) to check the boxes. If they have not reported back to TiVo for a long period of time, you may have to call TiVo to get them turned back on. You should be able to play any recordings that you have made. If you go to your network setting you can force a connection to TiVo to keep it updated. If you leave them unplugged, it is good to do this a couple of times a year to keep the subscription active, box updated as well as eligible for any Tivo offers.

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    Oct 31, 2007

    Thanks folks! Exactly what I wanted to know and good news-seems real easy. Thanks again!

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