Update given to me from Dave Shull, CEO of TiVo

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    It is Tivos responsibility to provide a platform that app manufacturers are interested in developing for. Using Samsung's dead HTML5 platform is not it and the apps written for it are likely to stop working soon. It might be a lot of work to switch over to Android, but they've already done it for their cable customers, but choose to leave us, who kept them in business all these years, hanging.

    That doesn't exactly fall in line with their tag line which says "watch and enjoy it all". I'm quite sure "all" would encompass Disney and Apple. A year and a half ago, I paid $600 for a state of the art "enjoy it all" box that I assumed would stay up to date and even ahead of the $30 streaming sticks.

    Great that it works for you, I, like many others, find it unusable.

    Lots of people here are experiencing bugs, pre-roll freezing, Tivo+ reboots, Moca failures, the list goes on and on.
    Some will defend Tivo's actions till the servers shut down. Not me.
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    Mikeguy Well-Known Member

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    And here's a fundamental fault with this: why does Shull seemingly insist that the OTA and cable worlds are diametrically opposed to the streaming world? Wasn't the answer more accurately proposed by TiVo earlier, before Mr. Shull ever appeared on the scene with his plan to dismantle TiVo, with the OnePass--have your OTA and cable selections merged with your streaming content? The TiVo "answer" now, as being advocated by Shull, simply seems to be to do what TiVo put in place years ago, but abandoning half of the answer (while stating, ~"we'll look at it later").
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    foghorn2 Well-Known Member

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    If I was an investor, I'd say Shull needs to go. Anything he says now I would take it as a grain of sand. Salt is much more valuable.
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    Shull knows his customer base. TiVo sells more hardware to cable companies than OTA users, and access to streaming services, especially OTT services with Live Television, is not desired by those cable companies. TiVo has to walk a fine line in those relationships, thus the bifurcation in product services. IMHO that is why TiVo Edge, Bolt, etc users will never see OTT live streaming apps made available from TiVo (yes, app functionality and development rests with the App developer, but TiVo ultimately controls the distribution of those apps).
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    Joe3 Active Member

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    Well, Verizon just announced it is no longer bundling. Everything will be sold separate. Also, because of their success with offering Disney+ free to it's customers Verizon wants to do free OTT offers. So, no. OTT services with Live Television not being desired by cable companies can no longer be a generalization and a universal fact.
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    humbb Well-Known Member

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    Wow, 0 for 3.
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    tapokata Active Member

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    Companies That Offer TiVo
    • Charter.
    • Comcast.
    • Comporium.
    • Grande Communications.
    • Northland Communications.
    • RCN.
    • Suddenlink.

    From a Livewire.com post updated last month. These are the customers Tivo is serving. Verizon's actions are not representative of what is going on in the Cable industry- and with those customers in particular.
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    NashGuy Well-Known Member

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    If they could snap their fingers and immediately make the new TiVo Stream 4K work as extenders (i.e. Minis) for existing TiVo DVRs, I think they would. It would obviously only help sales of the new product. But obviously, it would take time and resources to make the Stream 4K work that way and it's just not a priority for them. I think the CEO realizes that this is a product that they should have brought to market years ago. This is basically a fire drill for them now. If they can successfully launch the Stream 4K, then hopefully they'll expend the resources to make it work as a Mini replacement later this year. But I honestly don't think that adding that feature would make a big enough difference in the overall sales of the product. The Stream 4K will succeed or fail as a standalone streaming device. Period.

    I get the anger that longtime TiVo users feel when they hear the CEO saying things like "get over" the DVR, and that they're all in on streaming now. But IMO, this is simply TiVo finally publicly coming to terms with where the market is going. Cable TV is in gradual decline but the bigger problem for TiVo is that it's all shifting to IPTV and/or OTT, transmission methods that are incompatible with CableCARD. If TiVo is going to continue on as a viable consumer brand, it has to be as a brand tied to streaming (and/or OTA DVRs, although that's a pretty niche product segment).
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    Mediacom as well.

    I have an eBox provided by them that has just the TiVo software - no recording. As I already have a house full of TiVos, I put it in my garage. With the exception of recording and seeing my retail TiVos, using the box is no different than running a regular TiVo Bolt.

    Truth be told had Mediacom provided an eBox 5-6 years ago, I probably would have never purchased a single TiVo on my own. The cheap and terrible Motorola cable boxes pushed me first to Windows MCE and then to TiVo.

    If the cable companies want to move to providing OTT services in place of linear cable, the TiVo experience on cable company supplied equipment is a good way to still provide support without driving customers to source their own equipment.
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    cwoody222 Well-Known Member

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    No it won’t.

    it doesn’t run on their architecture.

    Also, doesn’t make sense to put a live streamer on a DVR.
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    trip1eX imo, afaik, feels like to me, *exceptions, ~aprox

    Apr 2, 2005
    HEre's the rest of that article (interview with Tivo CEO) above that continued on a sister site:

    On the Xperi merger

    TiVo surprised the investor community late last year, when it pivoted on plans to split its products and IP business units and instead entered into a merger with another technology company, Xperi.

    The merger makes sense on a product level, Shull said, with Xperi being “very good at making the embedded technology found inside TVs.” This will come in handy as TiVo looks to embed its streaming ecosystem inside smart TVs the way Roku and Amazon do.

    In terms of the IP side of the business, he described patent litigation as a “shared know-how,” noting that the combining the two strong patent portfolios strengthens both operations.

    Third, Shull said Xperi gets TiVo further into new businesses like automotive. TiVo, which supplies music metadata to Pandora and Spotify, among other online music supplies, has already entered into a deal to supply a UI into the interface of an unnamed electronic auto manufacturer’s in-vehicle entertainment system.

    TiVo, Shull said, sold its business to Xperi at a 21% premium. "

    The 2 (bolded) parts stand out for me. I didn't think Tivo's product business fit in with Xperia, but as embedded tech in tvs it does.

    And Tivo leveraging this into a new business like automotive makes sense too.

    Even though, in both cases, they are late to the game.
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    shwru980r Well-Known Member

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    They already have mobile apps that act as extenders and they had a beta app on the Fire TV that they removed. Seems like they aren't starting from ground zero for this effort.
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    JoeKustra in the other Alabama TCF Club

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    You can add Service Electric Cablevision. www.secv.com/tivo
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    trip1eX imo, afaik, feels like to me, *exceptions, ~aprox

    Apr 2, 2005
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    osu1991 Well-Known Member

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    mdavej Well-Known Member

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    That's an extremely rosy report that makes a lot of unfounded and misleading statements. Also the reporter is very biased, hoping that his glowing report will affect Tivo's stock price and his pocketbook. Nobody else in the press has painted anywhere near as rosy a picture.

    I'm sure the "integrated DVR" means Sling TV's cloud DVR, nothing more. I've already got that on all my other streaming devices since they can all run Sling TV as well as the far superior Youtube TV.

    I'll remain skeptical until I see the actual features for myself. Tivo doesn't have a great track record of delivering on promises.
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    AT&T lost more than 1.3 million TV customers in Q3 2019 alone. Other cable companies are reporting losses as well. I have cable and I like my Tivo Bolt. But folks, read the writing on the wall and understand what Shull and Tivo are trying to tell you: The Tivo DVR hardware is dead because the long term future is streaming services, not hardware and not cable.

    The hardware DVR business is a dead end. It is an increasing share of a decreasing market. It is a digital buggywhip. And Tivo is not going to put R&D into developing and updating a dying platform. Which sucks because the Tivo hardware, at least for me, runs relatively well.

    With no Disney+ or Apple TV apps on the horizon I have been testing alternatives.
    Amazon Fire TV with a dedicated Plex server for live TV isn't bad. The UI is not refined like Tivo though and there are issues that folks have been complaining about for years and have never been fixed.
    Android TV, like all Google products these days it seems, is a buggy product.
    The virtual DVR services (Direct TV now, Hulu TV, and Youtube) aren't ready for prime time and the content packages are a patchwork of tiers and outright missing channels.

    Start planning your exit strategy now, folks. Either accept that eventually you will be a subscriber to the Tivo streaming service or start looking for a hardware DVR with your "must have" features and flaws that you can live with.
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    BillyClyde Active Member

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    I highly recommend you check out Channels DVR. It works on your FireTV and many others like AppleTV and Shield. It is much more refined and closer to TiVo than what I’ve seen and heard from Plex’s live TV/DVR, plus the Channels DVR Developers are super actively involved and literally answer your questions on their support forum within hours, not weeks!
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