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    OK this is a topic that I don't think I've ever seen discussed before. Is there any way outside sources would know what I watch, wether "live" or recorded on my Tivo? I.E. do the networks have a way of knowing if I watch their programming? Back in the old days, the Neilson surveys would provide that info. But in today's tech savvy environment...I don't know.
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    In today's environment it's even easier. TiVo can collect your viewing habits easily. Your TiVo communicates with the servers about every four hours. No one knows exactly what gets sent or received. I have heard several times where ratings of "delayed" watching were reported. I assume that us people watching a recording. I gave up my privacy years ago.
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    I have assumed since TiVo now requires a constant connection to their servers that they are keeping data on everything I watch, record, and delete. It wouldn't surprise me to find out they sell that info to whomever is willing to pay.
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    Read the TiVo Privacy Policy. They can collect and share ("We may also use information we collect in our analytics business, where we use data that has been either de-identified or aggregated (or both) to generate insights into consumer behaviors (for example, to show what the most watched commercial was during a particular show)." viewing info.

    "If you do not want us to use your viewing logs in our analytics business or share that de-identified information with third parties, you can opt out by logging into your account on tivo.com or calling us at 1-877-367-8486."
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    3rd Parties: "Jesus. This guy really loves Rick and Morty reruns"
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    It's aggregated, so 3rd parties don't get "your" viewing habits. They just get to see that there's a hot spot of people who happen to like Rick and Morty :).
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    Went #2 and wiped, came back there was a Charmin ad at the bottom of TiVo Home.

    Clicked on the ad, TV suddenly said "Alexa, flush the toilet"

    Coincidence? You tell me.
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