UnSubed Tivo series 1 Daylight savings

Discussion in 'TiVo Help Center' started by de_2000, Sep 1, 2007.

  1. de_2000

    de_2000 New Member

    Sep 1, 2007


    (I can't sub with a Tivo 1 where I live!).

    2 Questions:

    1) We are all aware of the spring daylight savings date change and its impact on series 1 units. What I haven't heard is if the date of the fall daylight savings change has also changed ?

    2) Last I heard there was a fix out (identified by a user) and apparently subed Tivo Series 1 can download it. Does anyone know of a fix for unsubed Series 1 ? I've searched a while but have not yet found anything.

    Feel free to email if you want.

  2. mick66

    mick66 Dirty Burger

    Oct 15, 2004
    The 'verse
    1) DST has changed on both ends

    2) if you need a sub to get the fix and I'm not sure that you do, sub it, get the fix, then cancel during the 30 day guarantee period and get your money refunded.
  3. OLdDog

    OLdDog Reformed Druid

    Dec 15, 2001
    If I remember correctly even unsubscribed TiVos will get software downloads and patches when they call in.
  4. de_2000

    de_2000 New Member

    Sep 1, 2007
    Thanks but can't sub a Tivo series 1 in Canada. Only 2 and above I am told.

    re unsubed Tivos getting software downloads: Not as far as I know. Anyone else know differently ?
  5. mathwhiz

    mathwhiz Member

    May 28, 2000
    Okemos, MI, USA


    From what I remember when the patch came out in the spring, it would be going to all Series 1 TiVos, subbed and unsubbed. However, the patch isn't a regular software update. I believe it is something (some kind of switch) that gets triggered on the TiVo right around the time change, and then it reboots and it has the right time. So I don't think it is something you get in advance, but you'd want to dial in to get the update right around the time of the time change.

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