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    Hey all. Gonna post this for discussion. So flame on if you agree or disagree.

    Admittedly, I came to Amazon Unbox through Tivo. I mean I never used Unbox until they had it on Tivo. I liked it so much I started to download some straight to my laptop when I knew I was going to watch during travel. (we're talking rental here)

    I've had way more download problems getting them to my PC. It hangs or something, and then I have to email amazon to let me redownload or something and they are lame ect. (all for a 99c movie). As a matter of fact I've never had a problem with the Tivo.

    I'd rather download to the Tivo than my PC. Experience is much better and I get to watch on big screen with no probs.
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    Jan 31, 2003
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    Agreed. I never would have even considered an Unbox download before they allowed TiVo downloads. Now that I have rented a lot of these I'd think about renting a movie to the laptop if I was going to take a flight somewhere, but otherwise probably not. The speakers on my laptop are way to crummy to even really here the dialog, so headphones become necessary. Which is the same reason the Netflix streaming delivery has no interest for me, the only time I'd be interested is when I have no internet connection.

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