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Discussion in 'TiVo Help Center' started by toddeades, Aug 31, 2007.

  1. toddeades

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    Jul 21, 2002
    Background, probably does not matter but will provide anyway-

    Five years ago I bought a tivo and used it for a few years. I used the email address of tivo @ eades.ws. A couple of years ago I got a DirecTivo and gave my old box to my dad. I didn't change anything on the account, except I put his CC on it. He's not up on computer and it was just easier to do it this way.

    Ok several weeks ago I got on tivo.com and ordered an TivoHD, I created a new account with the email todd @ eades.ws. At the time I had no idea how long it was going to take for other retailers to get the boxes so the 14-21 days to ship seemed ok.

    Well a few days later it became clear that I was going to be able to get a TivoHD else where much quicker so I canceled the Tivo.com order and bought elsewhere.

    Then last Thursday 8/23/07 I got on line and ordered a refrub DT from tivo.com to be shipped the next day. (The last time I was able to login to "Manage my Account")

    Saturday morning comes and I need to active my TivoHD because the cable guy is coming. I'm unable to login to "Manage my Account", I get a strange error:

    "Sorry, the page you requested was not found." With some Tivo branding (header, nothing else) at this URL: https://www3.tivo.com/tivo-mma/error.jsp?message="1004"

    Make note: this is the not the error that is given to users when they provide the incorrect username/password. I still get his message if I don't login correctly, but when I do I get the error above.

    I called customer care to active and end up being on hold 30 minutes to talk to someone, I told them that I couldn't login and I needed to activate my box. He activated my box and then started to troubleshoot my problem.

    Well it's been almost a week now and I still can't login. I've been told it's the following a few times:

    1. We are updating our website, it should start working in the morning.
    2. The web admins will see the problem and fix it, try again in the morning.
    3. It's your email address (I have a .ws extension).
    4. Try again later and let us know if it's still not work....code for "I don't know what the problem is but if you call back later I won't have to deal with it.."

    This whole time I was able to login with my dad's account without any trouble, which I always found interesting.

    I've talked to several different agents explaining each time that I'm getting a special message, not the normal "authentication failed" message. If I did login with a BAD password I would get the "authentication failed" message, but if I logged in with the correct password I would get this different message.

    Well a couple of days ago I finally convinced an agent that I had a different problem and they agreed to send the issue to someone called and "Account Specialist". Frankly this seems like an IT problem.......

    Has anyone had a problem like this before?
    What was done to fix it?
    What more can I do?
    I've asked to just have my Tivo Box moved to another account but I guess they can't do that.

    I'm frustrated and to make matters worse, the refred box I ordered 8 days ago still has not shipped and I just received an email that it's going to be delayed 7 days....I don't know if that means 7 days from when it should have shipped or 7 days from today or "who knows how long but we better tell them something......"

  2. funtoupgrade

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    Mar 15, 2005
    Sorry to hear about your problems. Don't recall hearing this problem before. From my experience your experience is not unusual when out of the ordinary errors occur. My guess is that TiVo does not have the IT expertise needed on board to take care of such problems. They probably have in house guys or gals play with it for a while and if they give up then farm it out to somebody who has a better chance of fixing the problem. In regards to shipping, I have found them very erratic. Sometimes I get stuff lightning fast while other times there are delays. It is my understanding they have an outside source taking care of all the shipping. Of course, the shipper can only send out what stock TiVo supplies. Hopefully you will get this all straightened out soon.

    When you call regarding this I presume you have a case number and are asking for a supervisor from the get go. Many of the regular TiVo CSR's are lame and just waste your time with anything other than standard business.
  3. toddeades

    toddeades New Member

    Jul 21, 2002
    Yes I've spoken to a supervisor twice (in fact one time I was told that I could not talk to one about this kind of problem, they were there for account issues).

    They just said that it's been sent to account specialist for review.....

    Is there anyone here that works for Tivo that can help me get this to the right IT people, or just help me setup a new account and move my boxes to the new account. I"ve been told this is not possible.

  4. toddeades

    toddeades New Member

    Jul 21, 2002
    Well for what it's worth my new Tivo was shipped today. so that's something.

    Still can't login Manage my Account, and I'm frankly scared to call and ask for a status......
  5. toddeades

    toddeades New Member

    Jul 21, 2002
    so on Wednesday I call them back to get an update.

    I spoke with a very nice agent who seemed to know what she was talking about and didn't try to "reset my password" again....thank god!!!

    She called the "Account Specialist" group to get a status on my issue, as nothing was written in the system, and was told that they would get to it in 3 or 4 days.

    so basically 2 weeks into this trouble it seems that no one has really looked into my issue. Very frustrating, but what can I do?

    Oh, and she told me that they would call me or email me when the problem had been resolved. (Don't call us, we will call you). I'm not holding my breath.

    My worry is that once they "look into the issue" they are not going to have a clue and it's just going to sit somewhere.....

    I'll call back on Monday (4 days later) and see what I can find out.

    I sure which I could just log into the site and see what's there.

  6. toddeades

    toddeades New Member

    Jul 21, 2002
    Ok waited until today (Tuesday) to call, just to give them one more extra day.

    I called and spoke to a very nice agent (for the most part they have all been very nice) and requested an updated.

    She reviewed the ticket and found that nothing had been updated since my last call.

    She put me on hold so she could talk to a supervisor. When she came back she said that she was going to "package" up the ticket and give it to her supervisor who would then go "talk to someone" about the issue and have the account specialist review it.

    I asked when I could call back if I've not heard anything and was told to call back in 24 hours. I'll probably wait until Thursday to give them plenty of time.

    Here's hoping!
  7. toddeades

    toddeades New Member

    Jul 21, 2002
    I feel like I'm talking to myself, oh well I'll continue this in case anyone else has the same problem.

    Great! Now what have then done.

    So I just an email telling me that they merged my two accounts? I don't have two accounts, I have one and my dad has one. How many time did I tell them this.......

    And to make matters worse, I still can't login to my account. I get the same old error at:


    but now, my dad can not login to his account! Because it's been merged!!!

    What happens to our credit cards? Does it move his box to my account and then use my credit card? What about unbox? What happens to that?

    I can't believe this.....plus I can't even look at my account to check the damage because I can't access my account!!!

    I'm about to give up and ship back this new box I got just on principle.........

    I also got an email from someone saying my Rewards account had been merged, not sure exactly what they means, but it was from a real live human being with an email address and everything. So I sent him an email asking him to call me.......

    so at this point I'm sure they think the problem has been fixed and the ticket has been closed....I guess I'll call back....not sure I can take this anymore......

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