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    I have three Series2 units, and all got the 9.1 update last week and now one of them (living room) will not load the now playing list when I choose recordings to transfer:

    It gets about halfway through the download ("Getting 61of 119 recordings...") but then fails with this message:

    "There was an error while attempting to retrieve data from the selected DVR.

    TiVo Desktop is unable to contact the DVR. This could be due to network problems, or the DVR might not be set to allow transfers."

    I can connect and pull video off of the other 2 but the living room one will not load the list of recordings. I have checked online and everything is set properly and I can also ping and connect to the tivo using http://192.168.X.x

    Anyone have any ideas? I also have seen some posts about connecting via https but don't know the username/password...suggestions?
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    I also see the same behavior with Tivo Desktop. It doesn't happen all of the time but it's more likely to occur on the Tivo with the most stored recordings. It appears to be a timeout of Tivo Desktop. Once you get the timeout, you're locked out from listing files on that Tivo. Exit and restart Tivo Desktop to try again.

    I'm certain that it's related to the slow 9.1 remote listings I see when browsing one Tivo from another. Tivo Desktop just has a shorter timeout then the Tivo itself.


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