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    We'll I have my TiVo Web Plus running from the WAN side of the modem now , it was already running from the LAN side so that told me my router was setup correctly and that the WAN traffic was stopping at the modem and not being sent to the router. My Linksys status page reported my internet IP address
    as a private IP ( ) so any requests coming in even though on the correct port ( that set in tivoweb.cfg ) were ignored as they never made it through the modem.

    I went into the Modem's configuration interface by putting in either my http://mydomainname.dyndns.org or by entering my WAN IP address into
    the browser and under advanced I clicked on WAN > WAN Setup and
    in there i noticed that same IP I saw in the router , the private IP of and that the modem was functioning as a DHCP server and firewall.

    On my routers status page my internet IP should have been the same as my
    WAN IP but it was not. The DHCP in my modem started assigning IP's from from ... get this an IP client pool of 32 and there is only one ethernet port on the modem so where the other 31 IP's were going to go is and will always be a mystery. Simply disabling the DHCP server will do no good. The modem has it's own IP address,DHCP Server and Firewall and the IP is simply for your ISP to be able to troubleshoot and send any updates to your modem.

    If you have this problem you will need to access your modem's configuration page as you would your routers but with your public IP. If you can do this at all then this IS your problem if you have your port forwarded to your TiVo's IP. Go into the diagnostics page in the modem and click the button to release your IP then click the BRIDGE button and the apply and exit . Now your ISP won't be able to access your modem for trouble shooting anymore
    because your modem is acting as a pass through and has no IP address anymore and go back into your routers status page and do the same, release your IP and then renew your IP and your private IP will now be a public one.

    The modem connects to your wall jack via a phone line and this is called a
    ATM and it then passes through the modem to the ethernet port where this signal is converted into a digital signal hence the term BRIGE. The modem now creates a bridge between the internet and your router.. Problem solved. :cool:

    :up: I must thank unclemoosh for all the time and effort he has put into helping me. He has went beyond the extra mile. If it were not for him confirming I wasn't experiencing the LOOP your hear about, and attempting to access the TiVo remotely from his end I never would have narrowed it down to the modem and would still be focused on the router. I must also say he has located my routers owners manual and read it made suggestions for tivoweb.cfg and even made edits to his file and sent it to me.
    Many thanks for your assistance you kept me troubleshooting and i'm sure i'll get many hours of enjoyment out of my TiVo now. :up:


    My post began at post #11825 on page 395 within topic "Hacking your Series 2 DTivo just got a WHOLE lot easier..." as you might have guessed by the sheer number of posts. I felt this this info may have gone unnoticed to troubled TWP users.

    Update :

    Wish i would have found this when i was having so much trouble. After you know
    what the problem is information is allot easier to come by I suppose. Here is a
    tutorial with pics for my Sprint/Embarq/Centurylink DSL modem.

    Here is another article for AT&T modems.

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