Two tv..2 remotes?

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    Good afternoon,
    Since upgrading one of my tvs to HD and getting an HDTivo I now have my old series 1 directivo box sitting disconnected. Was wondering if I can connect it to watch whatever I have recorded on there to either my HD tv or my other sd tv that already has another series 1 tivo on it. Just wondering if using the remote for the old one would mess around the tivo thats already there. Just curious. The non connected one is a Phillips and the sd directivo is a Hughes.


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    If you TV has enough inputs, you can connect as many DirecTivos as you want. The ones that aren't connected to the sat signal will still play what they have recorded. I have a Hughes GXCEBOT connected to record my SD programs and an HR10-250 to record my HD programs. Both are connected to a Mitsu HDTV. And yes, one remote will control both receivers at the same time unless you change the remote address.

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