Two Tivo Stream 4K w/2 remotes. But remotes are uniquely paired?

Discussion in 'TiVo Stream' started by LookinAround, Apr 12, 2021.

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    RCN just replaced my two older Tivo DVRs (one in LR, one for BR) with two Tivo Streaming 4K devices. They paired each of the new Tivo remotes to a single Tivo device. Problem now, vs w/old Tivo DVRs, the remotes only work with a specific Tivo. You can't use the same remote to control both.. So now I have to track/remember which is the LR remote vs the BR remote. Not an impossible task but a PIA.

    Is there a way to setup both remotes to work with both new Tivo Streaming devices?
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    1) Incorrect forum - this is for the TiVo Stream (legacy) device, which streams content from Premiere and Roamio Basic DVRs to mobile phones. You want the Stream 4K forum: TiVo Stream 4K | TiVoCommunity Forum

    2) No, the remotes communicate with the DVR through Bluetooth and cannot be cross-paired. You can have multiple remotes per DVR but they can't be switched back and forth without re-pairing them.
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