Two TiVo, One CableCard MRV work?

Discussion in 'TiVo Series3 HDTV DVRs' started by hoyty, Mar 3, 2010.

  1. hoyty

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    This is somewhat a Series 4 question but I am sure others have tried it with Series 3 / HD boxes. Right now I have a Series 3 with two cablecards from FIOS. If I were to get a Series 4 with a cable card and remove the cable cards from Series 3 could I use MRV to move shows to Series 3? With FIOS the copy protection isn't an issue I know since I have been able to transfer anything off the series 3 to a PC. I am just not sure if for some reason the TiVo would block transfers from a cablecard box to a non cable card box.

    If I can do this I can have one cable card and save $4 a month but still be able to watch in two rooms as well as record ATSC on Series 3. Oh and I would have lifetime on both so they would be active as far as TiVo is concerned.
  2. wwu123

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    May 14, 2008
    Bumping, I'm curious about this as well. My Premiere is on its way, and I plan to move the cablecard from my Tivo HD and not get a 2nd cablecard from Comcast (at least not yet while I decide whether to keep two Tivo's for the long-term. I'd like to transfer some recordings from the current box to the new one.

    My guess is that copy protection issues aside, it should work as the subscriptions would still be active on both, and why would Tivo care or differentiate whether the Tivo's are able to record off of digital cable vs OTA? But some verification from those with definitive knowledge would be welcome...
  3. mattack

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    I guess I can answer yes, since only my TivoHD currently has cablecards (2 S cards -- yes I know I could use 1 M card instead) and my S3 doesn't.

    I MRV things between them, from digital channels. (Though admittedly the things I can THINK of that I have transferred recently have been from digital versions of OTA channels..) Though I give the same answer -- I can think of no way why this wouldn't be supported..
  4. cr33p

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    I have 2 s3 units in the household , only one has cable cards, neither unit cares if either has a cable card, you shouldnt have any issues, like the other poster stated, as long as both boxes are active and remain on the same acct they can transfer shows to and from.
  5. tiassa

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    I agree, the Cablecard only deals with decoding the stuff coming down the wire from the cable company. Once it is on the Tivo the cablecard doesn't enter into the equation, so MRV and other "Tivo related" functions work just fine.

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