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Discussion in 'TiVo Help Center' started by silvermang, Jul 25, 2007.

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    Many shows, like The Daily Show, or Baseball Tonight, are broadcast twice a day. The first showing maybe a repeat of a previous day's show, or, the first running may be broadcast twice a day. I don't like the way TiVo's Season Pass handles this because I only want one of these episodes to be recorded, either the first run episode or only one of the repeats, but, TiVo will record both of them. I would rather have it use the 2cnd tuner to record something else.

    I have tried using manual time/channel recording, but, something weird happens here. I get the manual recording as scheduled, but, TiVo will also record the same show on the second tuner. I don't know why it does that, maybe because it is a TiVo suggestion.
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    Two times a day isn't a problem. Bad guide data is the problem. Most shows that air multiple times a day or week would only record once. However, the shows you mention are nototious for having bad guide data. TiVo has no idea what episode is being broadcast so it records all of them just in case. Work around people use is to set the season pass to Keep at Most 1 and Save Until I Delete. However, that only works if you will be watching and then deleting it each day. The other option is to use a manual recording as you tried. Give the shows a thumbs down even though you like them and TiVo should not record them as suggestions.
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    And here I am wishing for two times a day :eek:

    You lucky bastard!


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