Two questions to ask your CableCARD installer

Discussion in 'TiVo Series3 HDTV DVRs' started by tw144, Aug 3, 2007.

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    The next time you have a tech show up to install a CableCARD, ask them these two simple questions:

    1. Did you guys test this particular card back at the office before you brought it out, to make sure it is in a known working condition?

    2. Does this card have the latest firmware installed on it?

    I suspect they will look at you funny, and that one moment will say volumes about why so much time of our time is being wasted with bad cards and multiple tech visits.

    Lastly, ask yourself if your local cable company has taken the required steps to facilitate a successful CableCARD install, and to specifically avoid what are now, after years of industry use, common and well known potential card install issues.
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    Great questions, but don't ask when they show up. Tell them that you expect them to do this before showing up. It's worth the wait for an extra day or two.

    I would add a 3rd question.

    3. Will you send out an installer and also have an experienced person with cable cards in the back-office that can efficiently set this up?

    The guy that came to my house today to do install my first first TiVO HD (or any kind of cable card equipment) immediately said, "I rarely do these, it's been 6 months since I did one. We rarely do these." That said, he did appear and act as a very seasoned cable installer and was very professional and positive through the process. He definitely wanted to set expectations with me right away, and I immediately got the read that this wasn't going to be a quick process.

    Here's the point, there a some cable co folks in every metro area that know how to do these well. My cable card install took about 45 minutes today, and it could have easily taken 10 but Comcast doesn't have their procedures down, nor do does everyone on their staff have experience on this.
  3. rainwater

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    Both will be answered with a "huh?". Seriously, the tech will have no clue about the history or the status of the cards. And they really shouldn't. Its not their job to have working CableCards. That should be done before the tech gets their hands on them.

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