Two Premiere streaming issues

Discussion in 'TiVo Premiere DVRs' started by scandia101, Feb 3, 2012.

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    Yesterday, for the first time, I saw the second Premiere (P2) listed along with the S2 and HD on the "My Shows" list of my first Premiere (P1). P2 has video sharing turned off at and it's always been set to not share. P2 shows i,i,i as the tivo to go setting and P1 shows a,a,a. I tried to stream a recording from P2 to P1 and got a message stating "Multi-room viewing is not available because there is a network problem..." I tried a transfer and got the same message. From P2 I can only see P1 (no S2 or HD) and I can stream from P1 (wired) to P2 (wireless G) w/o any problems but as expected, there is no option to transfer recordings.

    Is streaming a mandatory feature? Not being optional defeats the purpose of turning off the ability to share videos between tivos. If it isn't optional, I'll probably get a router that has a guest connection feature listed locally on CL.

    and why does it only work in one direction with my set up? I've restarted the Tivos and the router, but that didn't fix anything.

    using a wireless g on both netted the same results

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