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    [Not sure if this is the best area in which to post this so feel free to move it to a more appropriate spot if you wish.]

    I am a grand-fathered TWC user - have not migrated to Spectrum. We've got a Bolt & a Mini and all is well. Almost. We have a seldom used guest room upstairs and decided to get TV service upstairs for a short period when we were having company. My wife did some research and was told that we could get a TWC HD set-top box and only pay for the time we used it and to just return it when we were done. We got the HD box and it worked fine. Today I got the bill from TWC. The HD box was only $8.50/mo. - not the $13 we were told. That's the good news. But we also got billed for Variety Pass ($10) and The Guide ($3.25). Nothing was said about those charges when we did our original research. I can live with that since the period that we'll have this HD box is very short.

    My concern is when I return the HD Set-Top Box and cancel the Variety Pass (and Guide) am I going to lose channels that I have been getting for years on my TiVo? The TWC rep told me that my 'Standard TV' package only got me channels 1 - 93. But I have been getting channels outside of that range right along through TiVo. Examples are Fox Business & Velocity.

    I wonder if I should have been getting them. Do any of you get charged for Variety Pass with your TiVo? I guess I'll find out in a few days when I return their box.

    Any thoughts on this would be welcome.



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