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    TWC came out Friday for installation, including my new TIVO XL. Tech brought 2 cards with him and both were "defective". I'm not sure they were and tech admitted he had never done a TIVO card installation before.

    He hooked up the TIVO to cable and the TV then the wifi into the UBS and stuck in the card. A screen came up and he called someone. They asked for a code off the front of the card (3 letter code). He read it to them and they said the card was defective. Same result with the second card. He left because he had no more cards and someone will be back first thing this AM.

    I hadn't opened the TIVO box till the tech arrived. After he left, I read the instructions and have now done the actual installation to the television. My question is after shoving the card into the TIVO box if we get a screen that show serial numbers does that mean it's ready or does it need to pair or something? I'd so, how will we know when to call TWC to proceed?

    Sorry this is so long but tech knew absolutely nothing!
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