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    Feb 6, 2006


    I have used the TVHarmony Autopilot for several years. I recently purchased a new DT TiVo as well as a Vista PC. Now, I can't get autopilot to work on the Vista PC. It will transfer and convert the tivo files, but the video is stretched vertically and the comskip.exe (the program used to remove the commercials) fails on EVERY conversion. I am trying to convert for iPod as well as regular MPEG files so I can keep them on the PC. Also, the iPod files give me an error when I try to play them.

    So, transfer works on, conversion to MPEG works but is stretched, iPod conversion is corrupt, and can not remove the commercials...anyone know what's going on with it or having similar issues? I have searched and found some similar topics, but nothing like I am having. I have also tried the TVHarmony support and have not hear back from them.

    Currently, I am downloading with Desktop 2.5, removing commercials with Video Redo (which is only free for 15 days, 49.99 afterwards, but it DOES keep the files in the original tivo files, which I like), and will have to upgrade to TiVo Plus to convert the new commercial-less tivo files to iPod (because Video Redo will not convert to iPod). That's $75 to do something manually with 3 steps that Autopilot would do in 1 step for free. I would really like to get this fixed.

    If someone knows of a cheaper program to strip commercials than Video Redo please let me know that as well...I may have no choice but to go this route.
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    Aug 5, 2003
    The topic of Vista came up in a forum post at recently. Someone also recently pointed out that there may be issues with Desktop 2.5 running properly under 32-bit Vista, so perhaps that the source of the corruption.

    Any way, Autopilot's author appears to be aware that it has issues with Vista, but it might not hurt to let him know of your problems specifically. The project doesn't seem real active, but perhaps if you were willing to donate, maybe bounty style, the author might be motivated. He might even be motivated by less than $75.

    Finally, there are undoubtedly free tools that will work, but they may not be as easy to use. VLC and Mplayer are both free open source video players that may support transcoding on Windows (they do under linux, but I haven't tested it on Windows XP, much less Vista). I also came across a shareware program called "Avex Video Converter Platinum" which says it supports tivo. It's a free trial with a $35 price tag.

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