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Discussion in 'TiVo Help Center' started by chelman, Jan 20, 2020.

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    Can anyone help Tivo to Innovate? I'm trying to replace my old Tivo Premiere with a Bolt. I was very afraid based on my last experience with Spectrum tech support (or lack of there off) for cablecards provisioning. Nevertheless I went for it since I got a 4K tv and wanted to experience better viewing. I won't detail my long hours 20200120_145524.jpg being bounced between Spectrum and Tivo. Long story short: As you see in the Tivo message, the Tuning adaptor needs a firmware upgrade, Spectrum doesn't know how to do it (or even knows what is that!) Can anyone help? Can I do the firmware upgrade myself? TIA for your help!
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    Tuning Adapters + Spectrum = PITA. Once my Spectrum (TWC then) tried to push a TA software update. They bricked every TA in the region for a day. Is your location Southern CA? (All that shows in my browser is ‘Southern...”). Your best hope for help will be from other forum members in your region since Spectrum’s ineptitude varies with location.
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    This isn't a tivo and an innovation problem, its a switched digital problem. Cable is innovating to IPTV, which is why its getting harder and harder to find techs that know these problems since STBs have 2 way communications with cable cards. Coupled with spectrum at least in my area closing a lot of offices, so even the stores are losing people who have been around a long time. Now why didn't tivo innovate back in the day and support 2way communication with cablecards? not sure but my guess is its pretty regional specific and everyone in the industry basically agreed that the tuning adapter is the solution.

    Is this the same tuning adapter you were using with your premiere? I think the firmware needed is pretty old (If motorolla, not sure on cisco) and its not like the bolt has been just released either. Realistically any tuning adapter they have sitting around probably has been upgraded so a different tuning adapter should work. But if they haven't been upgrading them at the warehouse, who knows.

    Submit a request – FCC Complaints isn't a bad place to go

    Looking through this forum that's exactly what this poster needed to do. Tuning Adapter firmware update (Charter) .

    My issue was just getting them to pull a cable card out of a STB. Luckily the tuning adapter worked. You would think they could push the firmware to you but if its been too long it may need several hops so it may not be as intuitive. My guess is you need a new tuning adapter from them. If they say they don't have any around or any other delaying tactics I would keep pushing for a replacement and file a complaint ASAP. That at least gets to people who will manage your case properly.
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    Oct 1, 2004
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    Because there are multiple standards, and they are different from each other. Cisco and Motorola are the big two, there's a few smaller ones as well (I think they've all died out, not sure). It's technically impossible to even support just these two on the same hardware, not to mention the licensing and everything else involved.
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    Well that and if the cable company has to pay for the DOCSIS modem in the tuning adapter and all the other stuff then tivo and their customers save money too. Its not possible now but there isn't really a reason why there couldn't have been an open standard for doing SDV. But to OPs point that isn't on Tivo at all either if the industry doesn't want an open standard, there isn't an open standard.

    Put it this way its $20 a month for service on up to 4 DVRS, then $13/month for each DVR and $8/month for each HD box. If you have 3 tvs and want DVR capability that a whole home dvr provides thats $59 a month for 3 DVRs and DVR service. A cablecard is $2. So that's $57/month of reasons why they don't want it to be easy for Tivo and other cablecard DVR solutions to work.

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