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Discussion in 'TiVo Roamio DVRs' started by Kwhite08, Feb 29, 2016.

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    Feb 29, 2016


    I have always had this issue with all of my TiVo devices but it's worse with the Roamio. I was hoping to find a solution. I've tried calling TiVo and my cable service about it (charter) with no avail. It randomly happens so it's hard to show a tech the problem. My tuning adapter randomly, but more frequently as of lately... Will display the message that it's not connected. A few minutes later it will reconnect itself and display that it's connected. It's aggravating because if anything is recording during this it stops. Any suggestions?
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    dlfl Cranky old novice

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    What cable co and what location?
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    Like the OP, I also have a TA, Charter and Roamio. This has only ever happened when the USB cable was loose. So make sure the USB cable is plugged in firmly on both ends and the coax and power cable to the TA is tight. If it is plugged in tight, try a different USB cable.

    Next time it happens, take a look at the lights on the TA. Moto will have solid amber if it's talking to the cable co. If it's blinking, then it's an issue on Charter's end that you need to call a tech to resolve. If it's solid, the coax is good and the USB or TA itself is bad, possibly even the USB port on the Roamio.
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    I checked the cords all seemed to be plugged in well on the TA but when I pressed on the power cord the same message suddenly appeared. The cord itself was in there all the way. It was more like a connection issue or something. I'm wondering if it's the cord or the port, it happens so randomly. When I did this the Roamio restarted itself and when it rebooted it gave me one of those screens about the cable card and contacting my service provider. I just cleared it all channels working fine (but it keeps popping back up), I've had someone out to pair this thing before and they told me it was. TA light is solid.
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    Just go to the store and exchange them
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    What i did is this: Instead of running the RF cable to the TA and then to the Tivo, split the RF cable coming out of the wall and run it *separately* to the TA and Tivo. That way, if the TA messes up, it won't affect the signal to the Tivo, unless you're watching a channel that needs the TA.

    Of course you still need the USB cable from the TA to the Tivo. Hope that helps.
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    What brand and model of tuning adaptor?

    What version of software is on it? You can get that by going to:

    Settings & Messages -> Settings -> Remote, CableCARD, & Devices -> Tuning Adaptor -> Tuning Adaptor Diagnostics -> Versions and MACs -> FLASH (third line)
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    The tuning adapter only talks to the TIVO via the usb cable, not the cable feed.

    Let me tell you all about my resent TA adventure with Cox cable, Jefferson parish, LA. A few min after 1pm. last Tuesday, I was watching a movie on TCM HD, a channel which doesn't require a TA. I watch watching on my Roamio Pro, but there is also a 652 Tivo Hd with TA in the same room. The Roamio stopped recording 2 shows in progress. I had to get those shows to restart recording because they didn't start up on their own (like with a power failure). The yellow lights were blinking on both TA's. Went I went in to TA diagnostics in the Roamio, it said no TA present and said I should contact the cable svc to get one. I let them set for 2 hrs, but the TA's never came back up. I figured that Cox had to have done something to kill two TA's at the same time. After 2 hrs, I contacted the cable card ctr. They repaired the the cable cards, but they can't really do much testing of the TA's. The Fed Exed two TA's. Only one showed up the next day, and we couldn't get it to work on either TIVO. An important point here I want to make is that my older TIVO HD (652) had TA diagnostics showing, but much of it was zero's. The Roamio didn't see the TA at all. And this is apparently the nature of it. Cox scheduled to send out a tech on Friday. But when I got home around noon on Friday, one of the TA's on the 652 was up and working. I hooked up the original ?defective? TA to the Roamio. In a minute, the TA lights were blinking and it came up and the Roamio saw it, and there was peace in the valley. Then the "tech" show up. He's a contractor, doesn't know what a TIVO is, has never seen a TA before, and doesn't have any on his truck. I got him to take extra TA back to Cox. Looks like the trouble was at the Cox head in. I can't wait to see if the charge $25 for a truck roll when the tech never got out his truck.
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    When Charter set up our 2 TAs, they used a splitter - not the pass through.

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