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    I'm sure the answer is buried in the forum somewhere, I just couldn't find it, sorry.

    I own a Bolt and a Roamio. How is a turner selected for recording? Obviously it will not select a tuner that's already recording. Does it just simply try the tuners from 1 - n and the first that's not recording would be selected? But that would mean that if someone is watching live TV, the tuner could be "taken", so that isn't likely. Just trying to make sense of what channels are tuned to when I start using it after its done some recording. Thanks
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    Short answer. It will use the first tuner that has been idle the longest and not in use by the host. In Diagnostics, after the tuners, there is some information that should help. Look for "Decrypt Recording Channels" and there will be numbers in parenthesis. The first number not used by the host is the tuner used by a Mini unless the Mini has used a different tuner since it's last reboot. Recording follows the same rule unless there is a free tuner on the channel needed for recording.

    In the old days (last fall) I would record CBS, NBC, and Comedy Central late night. I preset the channels to those channels and left the host on a fourth channel. The next morning there would be no change in tuner numbers or channels. And tuner numbers start at 0. Play with it. It helps that I have two boxes.

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