TTG Plus 2.5 Bugs/Issues/Quirks

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    Sep 3, 2006


    Overall I am pleased with TTG 2.5 Plus but I am having a few annoyances and I am wondering if others are seeing these also or is it just because I have Humax DVD units? Also I have version 9.1 on the Tivos.

    1) Too many movies causes Desktop 2.5 to never load

    Q: Why no subfolders? We have them in pictures and music what's so hard about adding them in Go Back? Galleon has them but since no Transcoding it's of no use to me. I like TTG Plus 2.5 but the UI on the Tivo side seems to be lacking.

    2) AVIs encoded at 720x480 get transfered with black video but good sound. AVIs encoded at 640x480 work fine. Not sure before 9.1 but this seems to be a DVD unit bug, pls reply if this works for you on other SA units. Everything is set to 16:9 on mine but it seems like Tivo wants it in 4:3

    3) Sometimes a transfer will display in the Now Playing as transferring from PC to Tivo but when you go back to Now Playing later it's not there? Looks like the transfer just stopped or network timed out and then just removed the whole show?

    4) Sometimes if you Delete another show while transferring from PC to Tivo the transfer just disappears like it also got deleted, or the index of Now Playing got messed up.

    5) Other times if you Delete another show while transferring from PC to Tivo the show will not delete no matter how many times you try to delete it. This happens most often when trying to clear out the Recently Deleted folder and seems to be very much related to when a transfer is occurring, I have never recalled this happening otherwise.

    6) Sometimes when you initiate a transfer from PC to Tivo it will ask you if you want to Start watching now, other times it will say it's been added to the ToDo list, which would make sense if something else was transferring but very rarely is that the case. However if you go to the Now Playing you will immediately see it as transferring.

    Q: Do you think a previous thread has hung?

    I doubt there are answers to these questions without a Tivo OS upgrade but what I am most curious about is if other people are experiencing these bugs? and if so what SA model do you have? I will definitely be getting 2 HD models when the TTG and MRV features are enabled but until then I only have Humax DVD units to test with.
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    Try turning off Anti-virus on-access scans of those folders or file types. You might get more in there before it can't handle it anymore

    They are handled by different modules in TiVo Desktop. Hopefully they will be added soon.

    Actually it used to work fine. TiVo software 9.1 broke this. It is not the geometry setting it is the aspect ratio. a 720x480 at 4x3 aspect should work fine.

    Broken by TiVo software version 9.1. TD sends a size estimate before it begins transcoding. If the TiVo's idea of that estimate is exceeded before the file finishes transferring the TiVo does what you saw. If you have the show playing on the TiVo it will not be deleted, but it will come up a few percent short. The estimate didn't change, but whatever the TiVo is doing with it seems to have changed.

    I haven't seen this one

    I saw this, which just started with 9.1, but didn't make a connection to a transfer being in progress. I will watch for that and see if that is the case or not.

    Also a new bug with 9.1. A hung thread is as good a theory as any.

    All the things brought on by 9.1 should go back away after the next update.

    Of the items in your list above, I have seen most on a 595 DVD burner like yours, and some on a 540 night light TiVo.


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