Trying to create a Tour de France "quiz show" using saved TiVo HD video

Discussion in 'TiVo Help Center' started by jamesrob, Jul 11, 2017.

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    I have a 65" 4K television, two TiVo Bolts, and TiVo recordings of each stage of MSNBC Sports broadcasts of this year's Tour de France.

    I'm creating a "quiz show" using Apple's "KeyNote" presentation program (really cool, much more user-friendly for a Mac guy than PowerPoint).

    What I'd like to do is embed snippets of my saved TiVo recordings into the KeyNote presentation. I know that the recordings can be downloaded to iOS devices for 1080p playback (not a whole lot of point in that bandwidth consumption of the tiny screens of the iPhone or iPad is the ultimate destination).

    So far as I know, there's no easy way to transfer a TiVo recording to a program that runs on a Mac or PC from which I can extract unencrypted mp4 video files. Am I correct on this?

    I've been told that I could use a "screen scraper" app running on the Mac to capture anything I can get to display on the Mac screen, and it's possible that Apple's "Air Play" WiFi screen projector program may enable the display of the TiVo video on a Mac screen, but AirPlay and my 802.11ac router aren't quite good enough to play back an unencrypted HD mp4 that runs fine in Quicktime Player on my Mac without some dropped video frame and audio stuttering when the mp4 is displayed on my 4K TV using Air Play. (That itself is weird, because many commercial HD movies rented from the iTunes Store or purchased there or from amazon play back just fine using Air Play to project them on my television from my 4K capable MacBook Pro.

    What I'd really like to do is take little 20-30 second snippets from the MSNBC broadcasts that I've captured to my TiVos, embed those HD video segments into video "frames" in my Keynote presentation, and display the KeyNote presentation as a quiz for my partygoers.

    Is what I'm hoping to do (a) possible, (b) possible for someone casually familiar with very basic Mac software, and (c) legal?

    I mention (c) because I'm not an attorney, but my very basic understanding of "fair use" of copyright material tells me that non-commercial use among a dozen friends for a single party is within those legal constraints, even if TiVo makes it difficult. Some have told me that TiVo makes it impossible for mere mortals.

    One other question (relating to the stuttering playback). If, instead of using Air Play to show the Mac's screen on my television, if I make my TV a 4K monitor for the Mac using an HDMI 2.x cable (plugged into one of the laptop's USBc/TB3 ports) will that help?
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