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Discussion in 'Now Playing - TV Show Talk' started by mrdazzo7, Aug 18, 2011.

  1. mrdazzo7

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    Jan 8, 2006


    I can't stand ANYTHING on MTV and it's probably one of my top five "least viewed" channels, but on occaison the "True Life" series touches on a topic I find interested so every now and then I'll look through upcoming shows and see if anything clicks...came across this one and I'm watching it now... seriously want to find some of these people and kick them.

    Basically it profiles young people who seek out rich older people to support them financially while they do absolutely nothing in return. One of the girls is a spanish girl in her 20's and is hanging out with a white-haired caucasian dude who looks like he's in his early 50's, in an effort to get him to fund her music debut. I honestly don't think Ive seen a more awkward exchange in a while. She says every time she's on camera by herself that she wants nothing to do with him romantically, at all... the next scene is them having dinner and him saying "I don't mind putting up money to support your music career, but I do mind being played for a chump so this has to be a two way street...what are you gonna do for me?"... she becomes visibly uncomfortable and says "everyone can benefit from this" to which he replies with a fist bump and goes back to his dinner.

    Another girl started a relationship with a guy online who then flew her out to california to meet him, and put her and her friend up in a hotel. And she scheduled time with her ex boyfriend who lived near by! As a guy, what the hell are you getting out of that? "Hey baby, you're cute and much younger, ANd you're talking to me!! how about I buy you a $500 plane ticket, put you AND your friend up in a nice hotel, pay for you to rent a car to see your ex boyfriend, and take you shopping while you're here!! What, you don't like me like that and won't date or even have pity sex with me? NO PROBLEM!! Here's my AMEX..." I think when she got there and met the guy she actually found him cute and "would probably have sex with him"... but still.

    How do people like this happen? On the one side, how are you so desperate for a pipe dream goal (or just to maintain a lifestyle where do nothing but get everything) that you feel comfortable openly using someone you have no interest in--and possibly sleeping with them--just to get financing? On the other side, how does a guy's opinion of himself get so low that he'd pay for this chicks recording career and even use it as leverage to get some ass, because simply getting it "the regular way" isn't an option? I like hooking up as much as the next guy but I'm pretty sure if I knew the person I was hooking up with was visibly disgusted by me and only doing it for money, I'd be turned off by it (probably anyway).

    So f'in weird. Even weird that all of these people would go on camera (although I guess that shouldn't surprise me at this point. Do people on True Life get paid though? I can't imagine it's worth it...)
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    Nov 5, 2003
    I think True Life on MTV is actually a very good "documentary" program. I mean, technically it's probably not strictly a documentary, but they do a nice job of making subjects that kids watching MTV would be interested in accessible. And they tackle some tough subjects sometimes.

    Not this one, though. I did see it. I took away more of a "whatever floats your boat, dudes" attitude. As long as there are people willing to be "sugar daddies"-and there are many, many who are-there will be women and men more than willing to live that lifestyle.
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    I liked the 30 Day series that had the guy living with different families & trying their lifestyles for 30 days. I've also enjoyed the True Life series about most topics.
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    Jan 8, 2006
    I think I get it if everyone is fully comfortable with it and the parties all get what's expected, but there are times when it definitely crosses the line into "sad" and "downright creepy". It's not for me but I can understand the concept of a guy in his 40's getting into this for the benefit of 'being seen' with a younger, hot girl on his arm, and in exchange he buys her stuff and pays for her to go where she wants, etc. But it gets weird when the chick knows the guy has feelings for her and plays those feelings simply to get material things without having to earn them (seriously, get a job!), or when the guy can tell the girl is repulsed by him, but uses the lifestyle he can offer as leverage to sort of coerce her into "relations". Granted she's an adult and is choosing to live this way so I don't blame the guys, the whole thing just reeks of sadness.

    I feel bad for the older person because it seems a lot of them have absolutely no self-worth and feel they can't get a s/o by being themselves so they use their money to sort of 'rope one in', even though they know they're getting manipulated... and I feel bad for the younger ones because something obviously went wrong in their development if they became adults and felt this was an acceptable way to do things. Getting so obsessed with material things and status that you'd manipulate someone into liking you, knowing full well you don't like them at all, is pretty twisted.
  5. mrdazzo7

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    Jan 8, 2006


    I'm making my way through the episode and had to comment on this chick... right now the music girl is pissed because the guy was supposed to arrange for the limos to and from her birthday party (which I don't think he's even attending) and hadn't contacted her yet... finally he sends her a text in which he indicates his desire for her to "bring the heat" the next time they meet up... and then she goes on a rant about how disgusting and tacky he is--they just met a few weeks ago damn it!

    Mind you in the scene before she called him up outside a dress shop, said she liked this $500 dress and then when he agreed to give the clerk his CC info over the phone, she hung up and told her friends "He said yes! Now we need to go in there and find a dress..." And then later that day got pissed because he hadn't contacted her with the info for the limos he was paying for to her birthday party... but he's a tacky a**hole?? HAHAHAH.
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    Sounds like they got married.

  7. dtle

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    Dec 12, 2001
    How is this any different from a famous musician or actor dating / marrying a "model" 20 years younger than him?
  8. FireMen2003

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    Apr 1, 2004
    The guy with the "you gotta bring the heat" baby was hilarious. Aww man, he must look so desperate to his friends.

    I felt sad for the Asian girl. Her mom was still wanting her to pimp herself out to maintain her lifestyle for her. That was crazy.

    The guy was a loser.

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