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Discussion in 'TiVo Help Center' started by tkorolys, Aug 31, 2011.

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    I'm a freshman at college now and I got on campus a couple weeks ago. I followed all the steps to set up my tivo to the point where it should work...including going back into guided setup to reconfigure the settings to my new location/cable provider. I breezed through the first few steps until it asked me to select which Wireless network it should connect to. I select the campus guest SSID name as I was instructed to online by the instructions to setup a DVR or similar device to my school's network. It searches for a while and then ultimately fails to connect with an error message (N06).

    Yes I've registered the MAC address of my adapter and I've tried countless other things to no avail and I often have an idea that I think may fix it, but it always ends in the same spot with the same error message. I've talked to campus OIT but they just keep telling me the same stuff over and over again (usually to power cycle it, which I've done probably like 20 times now). All other suggestions have been to reset the box or other things like that, but as you know there is no way out of Guided Setup without finishing it. I also tried calling Tivo but I cannot get a representative on the line for some reason.

    I figure that the problem is probably with the signal itself, as I also struggle with cell service in my room (frequent dropped calls). I'm also not very tech savvy, but maybe someone here can help. Anything would be appreciated.
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    The Nxx errors and if you get gateway not found as well, this can be fixed by setting the servers for DNS to the router's IP. You may also encounter other errors, especially if your campus has set to block ports such as 80, 443, which the Tivo uses.
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    You may want to ask campus IT if TiVo is supported on the network. In some cases, even if you register your MAC, the network wants it to "authorize", which the TiVo can't do. I had a similar problem on my daughter's campus. I had set the TiVo up on a router, but every 3 days, she had to unplug the router, plug her PC directly to the wall and run the campus network auth program. She could then go back to using the router (with the attached TiVo) until it was time to repeat the cycle.

    In three years, I never could get the IT department to fix the problem, though they finally acknowledged there wad one.

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