Trial & Error - Complete Season 1 Thread *spoilers*

Discussion in 'Now Playing - TV Show Talk' started by DancnDude, May 22, 2017.

  1. DancnDude

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    Feb 7, 2001
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    We recorded them all and binged over the last few weeks as other series have been ending. My wife and I finished this last week and I found it consistently funny. I know this hasn't seen episode threads but it got enough of a following to earn a 10-episode Season 2, so that's great news and at least worth a thread to discuss the whole season :)

    Josh - a good straight man, often getting caught up into the antics of the rest

    Larry - never misses the opportunity to mess up his own trial

    Anne - love all her conditions. She seems to keep getting more. Loved when she had to walk backwards all day. And she can't recognize faces but can recognize penises :D

    Dwayne - I loved especially when he jumped into the croc pond and found the arm, and how he so wanted to keep that body part. Also, all his history lessons of the town and his family

    - The commercial jingle, and how much they all liked it despite calling Larry the killer

    - Murder Board! Murder Board!

    I loved how it all wrapped up in the end! Since it's the first post and we may get non-watchers, I'll spoilerize but warning no spoiler tags needed after this!
    The wife was killed by a random owl who swooped into the window and pushed her through the glass, which was illegally taken and stuffed by the taxidermist who works out of their office :D

    I really thought Carole Anne Keane was going to have had something to do with it and her rash. I guess that was just comedic effect.

    Anyways, looking forward to seeing how they keep these characters around for another season.
  2. Hoffer

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    Jun 1, 2001
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    This was a really great show. So glad to hear there will be a season 2. I hadn't seen any discussion about it here, which surprised me considering how much I enjoyed it.
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  3. speedcouch

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    Oct 23, 2003
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    I really liked this show. Thought it was hilarious. Just not sure why the network had to burn though the episodes so quickly. Did they have to hurry along for more reality tv?

    Surprised and delighted to hear there will be a second season.

  4. ClutchBrake

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    Sep 5, 2001
    I'm a tiny bit worried about the second season. Hope they don't just try to repeat the formula.
  5. mlsnyc

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    Dec 2, 2009
    Looks like NBC just made all of season 1 available through and their app. I assume it'll be there until the season 2 premiere on the 19th.

    (Geebuz they show lots of commercials.)

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