Transparent fuzzy static with HD channels on TiVo HD

Discussion in 'TiVo Series3 HDTV DVRs' started by bronson, Oct 4, 2007.

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    Sep 20, 2007


    I've just successfully upgraded a TiVo HD to 750 GB Seagate Drive and had a successfull Fios install with cable cards (pearl in P.S. at the end).

    However, I am seeing this fuzzy trasparent static on my HD channels and my TiVo menus, worse on some HD channels than others.

    I have an RCA 61 inch std projection with 3D comb filter. Got it at circuit city about 2 years ago. Smaller versions were also featured at Wal Mart for some time.

    Also have a $30 RCA HDMI-DVI cable I got at Wal Mart, not the highest quality, but up until now, bargain cables have never given me issues. There are a lot of cables nearby and the HDMI-DVI cable courses right over a fully loaded surge protector, making me think possibly I need a better insulated cable. The static is somewhat reminiscent of what a vacuum turned on had done to TV displays in the past

    Of note, when I tried the DirectV HR20 for a week sometime ago (horrible interface), I don't recall this issue despite a similar setup otherwise.

    This issue seems to be improved somewhat with video smoothing. I'm hoping somehow I can improve this in other ways too. I'd be happy to share other TiVo or TV settings. I'd really appreciate any ideas or thoughts. Thanks


    P.S.-I had a cablecard virgin from Fios. He forgot to call in the U.A. number on the cards which slowed things down. Nothing worked until I found my TV was set to VHF/UHF rather than cable, which had worked fine with DIRECTV. Once I switched this, I was golden, minus the issue above. Hope this helps. If anyone thinks this tidbit deserves its own thread I'd be happy to repost.

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