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  1. mrjam2jab

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    Jul 23, 2004
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    Transferring shows from Tivo 240 v9.3-01-2-140 to Tivo 540 v9.3-01-2-540....i'll start the transfer, watch the show during transfer, delete show when finished. Goto next ep to transfer...but instead of getting "Start Transfer" it will say "Cancel Transfer". If i then Left out of the screen then Right back in again it will then say "Start Transfer" as it should.

    Happens quite frequently. :confused:

    I have not yet determined if it does the same thing from the 540 to the 240...
  2. steve614

    steve614 what ru lookin at?

    May 1, 2006
    Dallas, TX
    This happens to me between my TivoHD and my S2 540.
    Since the issue clears when you back out and then re-select, it hasn't really bothered me.
  3. Expat

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    Nov 19, 2004
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    I seen the same issue, however if I go out to NPL, the other TiVo is missing from the list, and I can't select a different show:mad:
  4. Marconi

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    I see this all the time and have for years. It is a mystery why something so obvious and so (apparently) easily fixed has endured through software updates.

    Unlike the OP, I don't watch while transferring and then delete it. I just transfer in batches.

    I select the first item for transfer and decline the opportunity to start playing the transferring recording, returning instead to browsing the remote DVR. When I select a second (and subsequent) recording to transfer, instead of "Transfer this recording" it says: "Stop transferring" as if I'd selected the same recording I previously selected. If I then back out and re-select the second (or subsequent) item, it correctly offers to "Transfer this recording."

    I experience the problem when transferring:
    • Between HD DVRs
    • Between S2 DVRs
    • From S2 to HD DVR
    • From PC to S2 DVR
    • From PC to HD DVR
    One curiosity is that if the directory from which the recordings are being transferred is not the top (root) level, the problem does NOT appear. For example, HD to HD, if I wish to transfer several movies (which are not in a 'folder' within the NPL) the bug is there. But if I drill down into a folder of episodes within the remote NPL and transfer recordings from there, I do not see the bug.

    It's hard to imagine that the folks at TiVo are not aware of this bug. One presumes they are busy fixing more important bugs (and adding features) to bother with this most annoying bug.

    Related bug (related in that it is also a MRV selection bug):

    After selecting a recording to transfer and returning to browse the remote NPL, your 'place' in the list is only returned to correctly if it was on the first screen of the listing -- one of the first eight recordings. If you have more than eight recordings and scroll to the end of the list and select the last item for transfer, when you return to that list, the 8th item, the last on screen one of the list, is selected. You have to scroll again to the end of the list to select the second-to-last recording for transfer, following which it returns you to the 7th item on screen one.

    These are bugs that are obvious and, for me, mar the TiVo experience. That they persist following software updates is a major annoyance.

    Is there some official place on where these can be reported, just to be sure they know about them?
  5. jbernardis

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    Oct 21, 2003
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    Ditto - this is an old annoying bug and I don't understand how tivo has not fixed it yet.
  6. Phantom Gremlin

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    Jun 20, 2002
    I don't know if there's anywhere official to report things. Maybe just contact support?

    IMO one of the most beneficial aspects to TiVo Community is "bitching" about the product. It doesn't help get things fixed very often, but it usually makes you feel better.

    Maybe this will help: "I feel your pain."

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