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    I have two TiVo HDs plus a laptop w/TiVo Desktop, all wirelessly networked.

    Files transfer well from Desktop to TiVos and back. However, programs seem to hiccup between TiVos themselves, especially if the files had ever been on the laptop.

    For example: I taped SNL on one TiVo. I transferred it to Desktop and deleted it from my TiVo. Later, wanting to see it on the TV, I transferred it back to the TiVo. When it came to actually watching the program, we all wanted to watch it from the other TiVo (in another room); but transferring the program from the first TiVo kept halting due to "possible corruption." That's when I remembered the file still existed on TiVo Desktop, and transferring from the laptop succeeded.

    (Another program wouldn't transfer between TiVos, but this one had already been deleted from TiVo Desktop. The solution was to first transfer the resistant program from the first TiVo back to TiVo Desktop and then transfer from TiVo Desktop to the second TiVo.)

    Programs that have never run through TiVo Desktop appear to be fine. However, running them through TiVo Desktop must do something to them, because generally (not always) they resist afterwards being transferred between TiVos without a go-between. Then again, I think many of you have noticed timecode and program information being randomly deleted and modified when tranferring to TiVo Desktop on a PC:

    a) Total time ending, say, at 16 minutes for an hour program; once the progress bar in Windows Media Player reaches the 16 minute mark, the hour long program continues to play to the end, but without navigation control via the now non-functioning progress bar,

    b) Programs actually being truncated, i.e., the total time is actually 16 minutes for the hour program, and the program stops at 16 minutes, and

    c) Most bizarrely, a two-hour movie with a timecode of say, 45 minutes, but the progress bar being functional throughout, which implies that two hours of video has somehow been interpolated onto a 45 minute timecode. (!!!)

    So maybe it's not such a huge surprise that programs running through TiVo Desktop are somehow "zombie"-fied.

    P.S. For kicks I ran those little two-minute TiVo Video Tours through TiVo Desktop. What resulted in transferring them back to a TiVo are files with :00 time. (!!!) (The files are fine in Desktop.) Like I said, BIZARRE!

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