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    I have a series of Tivos where I work to record the news. I need to transfer those files to my home computer where I am currently working. My Tivo Desktop software (and Kmttg) can both see my HOME Tivos, but when I put in the MAC for my work Tivos, I get a network error.

    I'm assuming there is a way to do this - since it's entirely the point of these programs, but I'm having trouble making it work from a non-local network.

    Any help is SUPER appreciated!

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  2. lhvetinari

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    Are they on the same network segment? If not, they won't see each other.

    They should also be on the same account to make the MAK part easier.

    Frankly, the easiest way would be to put a remote KMTTG install on a PC where the TiVos are and just export that way, and transport the finished product over the remote connection The TiVo RPC mechanisms are highly unstable on high-latency connections like VPNs.
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    I've done it with a remote dial-in using a computer to connect to the home network VPN style, but it's a headache and can be glitchy. If it were me and it wasn't often, I'd just unplug the work tivo and bring it home with me for the weekend or whenever necessary.
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    Set KMTTG to automatically transfer those shows to a Cloud Drive Folder, like OneDrive or Google Drive.

    Sync at will?

    Depending on available bandwidth and Data Cap.

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