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Discussion in 'TiVo Bolt DVR/Streamer' started by Tipperton, Jun 3, 2020.

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    I have two 1TB Bolt DVRs, one has E3 on it and is completely empty, and the other has TiVo's polished turd that they euphemistically call E4 and has a bunch of recordings on it I'd rather not lose.

    I've heard of three programs, TiVo Desktop, PyTiVo, and something like KMTTG. I already know I can't use TiVo Desktop because E4 breaks it. Considering that I am blind and use Freedom Scientific's JAWS screen reader on my 64 bit Windows 10 Home system, which one would be the easiest to use to backup all my recordings so I can put them on the Bolt with E3. I don't care if the transfers aren't done in the background because I can transfer them one or two at a time. It may be tedious, but at least if a recording doesn't want to transfer easily, I won't have to wade through a ton of recordings to find the one being a problem. I just want easy.

    Also, are there any setting on the Bolt that I need to change for transfers to work?

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    I don't think E4 works with third party apps (e.g. pytivo).

    Transfer functionality appears to be built in (Transfer) but not sure if it will let you go E4->E3
  3. Tipperton

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    May 23, 2017
    It doesn't look like it it because there is a note that the TiVo online transfer function says that it requires the new Experience which sounds like they are refering to E4.
  4. JoeKustra

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    All programs on the TE4 Bolt should be visible in the TE3's My Shows. Just select the program and choose Transfer. Copy Protected shows can not be transferred.

    You can also use TiVo Online. No difference in speed, but it tends to make duplicate transfers.

    On the TE3 box, under Network Setting, Network Troubleshooting, Transfer History the speed of transfer is displayed. You can transfer more than one at a time, but you need to select each one. With Online you can do a group, but all you are really doing is adding jobs to the TE3's To Do List. I would transfer one and then check the speed.

    Also, Online will transfer either direction.
  5. aaronwt

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    You can use kmttg and pyTivo. I did this recently when I swapped out one of my GFs Roamios, for my last lifetime Premiere box. I used kmttg to transfer the shows from my Bolts on FiOS with Hydra to a PC. And then pyTivo was able to transfer that content to the Premiere.

    I did this because the ROamio basic only has a 100Mb/s ethernet port. And transfers from my Bolts to a PC are three times to five times faster than from a Roamio BAsic. To max out transfer speeds you need to make sure the TiVo is not writing or reading to the hard drive for other things. So you need to make sure there are no recordings going on and all tuners are on vacant channels.
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    JoeKustra gave you the solution when he said "All programs on the TE4 Bolt should be visible in the TE3's My Shows." However he left out one important item. At the bottom of the TE3's My Shows will be the name of the TE4 Tivo. Select that and then all the TE4's programs will show. The programs will only transfer one at a time, but you can queue up the shows to be transferred one at a time. After that you won't need to babysit the transfers.
  7. JoeKustra

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    After rereading the first post I realized the OP wants to use the PC. So TiVo Online is the easiest solution. It will transfer to and from TE4 and TE3. I do it frequently. I could not find any message on the web site mentioning TE4.
  8. HerronScott

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    You can download from TE4 to your PC with pyTivo or pyTivo Desktop if the content is not copy-protected. You can't upload (need to use Plex to stream it back).


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