Transfer to PC speed & playback issues.

Discussion in 'TiVo Help Center' started by OhFiddle, Nov 13, 2011.

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    Transferring from my TivoHD to my pc through a wired network seems to be quite slow. I understand that this is because when transferring from Tivo to a pc it is converting the file into an mpeg as it moves it over. It transferred at .65 MB/sec from tivo to pc... while transferring the same file pc to pc along the same path was 7.5 MB/sec. Is this typical?

    Since it was so slow I tried letting it transfer at least half of an hour long hd show before I started watching it on the pc....which is doable. I saw other people say they did that so they could watch uninterrupted. The problem is the Windows Media Player did not recognize the portion of the recording that was added after I started watching it. So when it got to the 30 minute mark... I had to close the player, reopen it, and then fast forward to where I left off watching.

    As a side note regarding Windows Media Player....the only way I can fast forward is by moving the slider. It says to hold down the "next button" to fast forward, but that does nothing. I also could not find any keyboard shortcuts to fast-forward and rewind.

    Any tips would be appreciated. The whole process has been more of a pain than it should be.:confused:
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    Try rebooting your router, and even go through your network settings on the Tivo.

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