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Discussion in 'TiVo Help Center' started by ReaganOracle, Jun 28, 2008.

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    Because my old unit was overheating (think the fan went out), Tivo sent me a replacement. Everything is great, works fine, but I have shows on the old unit I would like to transfer to the new one. The old one has 35 hours playing time and the new one has 100 hours, so I know I'll have the space because I haven't recorded anything on the new one yet. Would it be possible to take out the old hard drive and do a usb firewire transfer to the new unit? I see the new unit has a usb port so I was wondering if this is possible. In any case, if someone could suggest what the best approach would be (or if this is possible at all) I would really appreciate it.

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    In general:

    If the old unit is not operating, there will be no way to access the shows on the hard drive. If you can get the old unit working, and it is not a Series 1, the shows can be transferred over your home network(router, ethernet, etc).

    However, by the sound of it, your old unit sounds like a Series 1(no usb port), so there is no practical way to get the shows off the unit. The only way would be to get the unit working again and either just watch the shows, or record the shows to a vcr thru the video/audio out jacks.

    ps: There is a whole forum about transferring shows between Tivo units, to computers, etc., but only the Series 2 and Series 3 units can do this because they have usb and/or ethernet ports. If you are interested in learning about this click on the Tivo Home Media Features & Tivo to Go forum. Again, not for Series 1 units.

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