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Discussion in 'TiVo Help Center' started by dddcar, Jan 6, 2019.

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    Oct 27, 2008


    In short, I'm trying to transfer shows (via Tivo Online; which I'm fairly familiar with) from a box that is no longer in use to a new Bolt Vox.

    I recently upgraded to a new Vox and I took advantage of the $99 lifetime deal back in December. Tivo subsequently disconnected my Series 3 XL (as I had expected). I should have transferred the shows before they stopped service but I procrastinated. The old Series 3 no longer shows up with my boxes in Tivo Online. Just wondering if I need to...
    A) pay for the service for a month on the Series 3 and then get all of the shows; or
    B) maybe I just need to have Tivo add back the Series 3 so that it shows up in Tivo Online (I assume they wouldn't do this unless I'm paying for the service on this box).
    I assume a Series 3 can work with Tivo Online but I'm not positive. Curious if anyone has had a similar experience.

    Also, from some other threads, I may be in the market for a Hauppauge Recorder (HD). I don't really want to buy one though. If anyone lives in NYC/LI and would be interested in renting me one for the weekend, I would be interested.
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    Maybe someone here can think of old or third-party software that can still see your XL. Otherwise now that it is deactivated, you can only watch content that's on there by using the XL itself. It's really too bad the TiVo rep did not think or know to advise you of this.

    The XL will not be visible to your new Bolt Vox, so you'll be unable to transfer anything that way. If you'd overlapped the old and new subscriptions, you could have at least transferred shows one-by-one; not sure if TiVo Online can transfer everything from the old Series 3 or not, but this may not matter now.

    That's because if you go into your account on the TiVo website and look at your "Inactive TiVo devices", you'll probably find that the "Reactivation options" column says "The box you are trying to reactivate is no longer supported". You can call TiVo Support to ask for an exception, but it would be a surprise to me if they can do that.
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    I think you are out of luck here given this is an S3 as they won't allow you to add service to it now that it's been deactivated and even if they were able to somehow make an exception, you would not be able to transfer shows from the S3 via TiVo Online (only works with the newer TiVo's).

    You'll need to just keep it connected to your TV and watch any remaining shows left on it.

  4. ThAbtO

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    Series 3 is now called legacy devices and once deactivated, it cannot be re-activated again with Tivo service. The only thing to do is watch shows, Live TV directly from it, albeit with nag screens.

    You could use a DVD recorder to copy the shows off there, but to get them to a VOX (Roamio or Bolt) is pretty difficult to near impossible
  5. dddcar

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    Oct 27, 2008


    Thanks everyone for your advice! Very helpful!! I'm going to try and give Tivo a call but doubt it will be successful. If that doesn't work, I think I'm going to give one of those Haupaggue PVRs a try. You saved me a lot of time...thanks for answering my questions!
    I'll report back with how it goes.
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    The Hauppauge PVR will record perfectly in HD from your old S3 and allow you to store the programs in standard video formats on a computer or NAS - I have been doing that for years. And with no service to the TiVo, I think it is the ONLY option you have to get anything off that box with decent picture quality. The only downside is that the recording is done in real time during playback of each program, so it can be tedious.

    I also use VideoReDo to edit those recorded files if I need to remove commercials or change the format. I think the PVR comes with software that will allow some editing and DVD burning without buying other software, but the bundled package has changed over the years, and I really do not know what you get today.

    The PVR can be complicated at first, and lots of experimentation may be needed to find the best recording options for you - I eventually settled on 720p for everything in HD - saves a TON of storage space over 1080! I actually do not use my PVR any more - it has become much easier to just copy the programs directly from the newer TiVos to my computer with pyTiVo and edit them directly with videoReDo. But that option is not available without service on a box.
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