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    Mar 22, 2006


    I was wondering something when you have two Tivos: I'm paying every months for both of them ( $ 12.95 and $ 6.95) but I only use one of them. The other one, I use it sometime but most of my shows come from the first one that I transferred. So my question is if I stop paying for the second one, can I still use it to transfer and watch the transferred files ? Thanks. Alex
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    Sep 21, 2005

    (unless you have a really old S1)

    Welcome to the site - sorry we didn't have better news for you.
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    he can not transfer shows to an S1. You are thinking of manual recordings.

    There are ways to control the first TiVo and view it on the other TV set without having a second TiVo involved at all. Now this means that the first TiVo would be displaying the same thing on the TV it is directly hooked to.

    check out if interested. Personally I switched from that to having TiVos at each TV and use MRV. Love it :up:

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