Transfer an HD original Hard Drive to an S3?

Discussion in 'TiVo Help Center' started by msdonnelly, May 21, 2011.

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    My trusty S3, one of the first to ship in Sept 96, shows signs of impending Hard Drive failure. I also have an HD and when I bought the HD I also got an upsized drive for it from Weaknees. My question--before I take anything apart--is simple.

    Will the original HD drive go into the S3 without causing problems with things like lifetime subscription, etc.? I've been using the S3 without cable cards so that's not an issue. Will the HD drive fit into the S3 or is there an issue with brackets etc.? Those as the kind of questions I have.

    Thanks in advance.
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    TiVo software is model specific - it will not work correctly when mounted in a different model TiVo. Models are identified by a 3-digit code at the beginning of the TiVo Service Number. TiVo Software Versions by Model Number

    The actual hard drive should mount just fine.
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    As mentioned the Tivo HD hard drive, as imaged, will not work in the S3, without question.

    While the S3 is still working, use the free WinMfs program to at least copy the image and save this backup on your computer and/or a cd. You can then restore the image to a new hard drive.

    You may also be likely to copy the entire Tivo drive, shows and all, to a new hard drive using the same program. Note that the new drive may need to have a larger capacity. not sure about that, but all you need to know can be found in the S3 upgrade thread.

    And again, to be clear, the drive will fit, as any 3.5" hard drive will fit in any device that uses that size drive. It just will not work unless it has the correct software(image).

    Good luck.

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