Toshiba TiVo with "free lifetime basic" service

Discussion in 'TiVo Coffee House - TiVo Discussion' started by buscuitboy, Feb 3, 2012.

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    There is an older Toshiba RS-TX20 DVD recorder with 120GB TiVo for sale in my area via Craigslist. It also comes with USB ethernet adapters (wireless & wired). I have inquired about it and was possibly interested since I already have a S2 (DT) and S3 (lifetime) in my home and networked together. I thought it might be kind of good to have in an extra room & also to possibly dump stuff to DVD if needed (from anywhere in my TiVo network).

    The sale states it comes with free lifetime basic TiVo. At first I thought this would be great and I could simply hook it up to my network and have it interact with my other S2 & S3. However, after some research, it seems like this "basic TiVo" service is extremely limited. From what I can tell, I can't use MRV, no online scheduling and no season pass option. If I want to get these, I have to upgrade it to "TiVo Plus".

    Would the cost of "TiVo Plus" for this DVD unit essentially be the same price as my current S2 at $6.95/month? If so, not sure its worth it & I should maybe just go for a newer Premiere.
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    I'm not positive about the pricing, but just so you're aware, you can't burn transferred content onto DVD. Only content that was originally recorded on the TX20 can be burned to DVD. The TX20 (and the Pioneer boxes with DVD burners) record in a DVD-compliant resolution so they don't need to transcode. Also, you won't be able to transfer copy-protected content from your other TiVos, and HD content won't transfer either. Just some things to keep in mind.

    There's also a specific forum here for the DVD units. I used to own a TX20 and loved it, but gave it to my parents some time ago (who are very happy with the free TiVo Basic service).
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    Aug 8, 2005
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    Yea, I was aware of not being able to transfer HD material since I have this limitation with my S2 & S3. Was not aware of not being able to burn transferred content (from S2 or S3) though. It seems like a cool idea, but for the price they are asking for it ($100), I'm now thinking I might be better off just getting a Premiere instead like I have been contemplating.
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    To answer your other questions.

    The Toshiba RS-TX20 is a Series2 TiVo, with a DVD burner in it. The subscription pricing is exactly the same as for any other Series2. So for now, as you have active TiVos on your account, you could either get monthly ($12.95 per month) or lifetime ($399.00).

    As you have discovered, the Basic Lifetime subscription is limited in what it can do. You can do all the trick play functions, setup manual recordings and connect to the internet for guide information only. You get 3 days of guide information verses 14 days with a paid subscription. With Basic, you can't transfer any recordings or do online scheduling.

    windracer is correct in stating that you cannot burn to disc any transferred recordings. Only what is recorded on the unit can be burned to disc.

    I own several of the Pioneer and Toshiba and Humax units. The Humax units don't have the built in LifeTime Basic, so you have to get a subscription to use them. My favorite is the Pioneer, as it has slightly better PQ (Picture Quality), but it is a little bit more picky on the recordable media it will accept.

    Hope that helps,
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    Monthly would be $9.95
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    That price is too high. They go for $50 or so on ebay. Or cheaper if you want to spend some time looking. Look for a Toshiba or Pioneer that doesn't mention the lifetime in the ebay listing, but has it as evidenced by the model number and Tivo emblem on front. They are on craigslist on a regular basis too, some with full lifetime.

    It seems to me I have seen some of the those DVD/DVRs that can't be upgraded to full lifetime, but don't know for sure. It seems to me they say 'lifetime upgrade not available' on the system info screen. But maybe someone else will chime in and explain if that is so.

    If I was buying off of craigslist I would want to see it up and running.

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